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Mrs. Extra, Extra This Just In

You know, I almost hate to waste space here by writing about this, but what the heck, I will anyway.  What, I said I almosthate to waste the space, and by golly this is important(-ish.)  Importantish!

Have you been following the entertainment news?  Even a little?  Have you been obsessively checking TMZ and X17online?  Oh, yeah, me neither.  Except, maybe I have been a little.  I have seen enough to know that Britney is back in the hospital, and truly the train-wreck that is her is continuing on for others’ viewing pleasure.  And man, oh man, what a train-wreck it is.

So I have nothing to write today, because I’m busy doing stuff.  And none of that stuff has to do with refreshing gossip pages.  Nope, not at all.  Well, okay, maybe a lot.  But!  This is history in the making!  This is the kind of thing True Hollywood Story will tackle in another year or two.  And I can say I was right there when it happened.  (Right there, as in on the computer.  But nowadays, it’s the same thing.)

And don’t pretend that you have no interest in this sort of thing.  Because I know you do.  Well, okay, so maybe you don’t.  But I certainly do. Maybe you are above this sort of thing.  But I most certainly am not.



So she did well.  She was fine.  She survived the bus ride, the cafeteria, and the whole entire school day.  She even came back jabbering away about what she did and how things were done.  I think she likes it.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  Her classes for this nine weeks include Humanities, building LEGO machines, and an in depth study of Africa.  I want to know where I can sign up.

I did have one moment of freaking the hell out, though.  It came at the end of the day, when I went to pick her and her brother up at school.  But let me back up a moment and tell you that on the days she goes to the Smart School (not it’s real name, duh) I take her to her regular school, as usual, and then they take a bus from there to the Smart School.   (And as an aside, I asked her if they rode a big yellow school bus, or if they maybe rode a short yellow bus, by chance.  I wanted to see if we could dispel the whole short bus thing, but, alas, we cannot.  Because she didn’t take the short bus to school.  Evidently, the smart kids take the long bus.)  Oh, and let me also tell you how this car line thing works (for those of you who haven’t done this kind of thing.)  You first line up a whole half hour earlier than school lets out–in a mile long line of SUVs and minivans–and then once they start letting children out, you inch closer to the school, little by little.  Finally you will arrive to a designated spot where the principal stands, and you show him a sign with you children’s names on it.  He then uses his Nextel phone to call the name into the office, and they call your child’s name over the PA system, at which point your children come out of one of two doors, depending on which grade they are in and which section of the school they are coming from.  My daughter comes out of the building first, and usually I pick her up and then proceed to the other side of the school, where I find my son lolly-gagging around and generally acting as if he has been standing there for hours and jeez mom, can’t you hurry it up?!

So anyway, yesterday I did not see my daughter come out of the school.  I watched the doors she usually comes out of while I inched my way forward in the car line.  I kept watching the doors, but there was no daughter.  There were several other kids, though, and when I noticed that the kid whose mom was several cars behind me was already out the door, I started to get scared.  Oh God, I thought, she never came back from Smart School.  She’s still a whole other town away, sitting alone in a classroom because they forgot about her.  And then, when she still didn’t come out the door, my imagination started to take a turn for the worse.  Oh no, I thought, their bus was in an accident, and they haven’t had a chance to call me yet because they’re busy airlifting the children to the nearest trauma unit!  And I was taking deep breaths and trying to figure out exactly what I should do.  My son got into the van, asked where his sister was, and I had to take even deeper breaths.  I flagged over a teacher and had her call my daughter’s name again.  And still she didn’t come out the door.  The teacher tried to make small talk, but all I could think was, What am I going to do now?  Then, finally, finally, she came out the door, arms full of folders and her lunchbox.  She looked like hurried and disheveled, but she had never looked better to me.

Thanks, and I’m anxious.

First of all, thank you so much for the well wishes, whether you emailed me, commented, or just thought them.  One member of my husband’s family has gone home from the hospital, and while another is still in the hospital, they’re doing better.  Thank goodness.

And now, onto today’s anxieties (because I really have a whole new set each day.)  Today is my daughter’s first day at her gifted program.  Which means that around 9:00 (which is RIGHT ABOUT NOW) she will be getting onto a bus and going to a whole other town.  Once there she will be at a school not just up the street (like her regular school is) but in a WHOLE OTHER TOWN.  Did I mention, she’s in ANOTHER TOWN? 

She’s been nervous about going.  Her excitement slowly turned to nervousness once today drew closer.  And when she spoke about her fears, it took all my strength to speak calmly about it and not scream, Oh my god, it’s going to be so scary and you’re so little!  Don’t go, baby!  Don’t go!  Fortunately, I was able to restrain myself, and I dropped her off at school, like normal, and told her to have fun.  I surely hope she does have fun.

Oh, and also, I forgot to tell her to go to the bathroom before she left the house this morning.  And while you may think a six year old would go if she needed to go, you do not know my daughter.  She will hold it in until she absolutely has to go.  Once it gets to that point, she has to go right then and there, or she has an accident.  Also, she won’t go when she first wakes up, like the rest of us do.  Again, she’ll hold it until it’s an emergency.  I’m just hoping that she won’t have an emergency while she’s on the bus.  I hoping, too, that she won’t be too nervous to ask to go to the bathroom if she needs to once she gets into her new classroom.

Oh, and then there’s the lunchroom, and all the anxieties I feel about her doing that for the first time.  Who will she sit with?  Will she have trouble opening anything in her lunchbox, and be too scared to ask for help?  Will she eat too slowly and run out of time? ???

I guess you could say I’m just plain nervous.  I hope she has a good day.  It’s like I’m sending her to her first day of Kindergarten all over again.  And I thought I was finished with that.

A prayer for those who need one.

Let me first say that all four of us in my immediate family are doing well.  So don’t worry about us.

However, all is not well with all of our extended family.  So I’m asking for a good thought/well-wish/prayer for those who are need it.  Heck, it doesn’t even have to be specific to any one person.  Let’s just take a moment to send out some good vibes to all those who may not be doing so well right now.

That’s it for me.  No post.  I’m busy with a prayer or two of my own.

Let me know when it’s safe to look.

I tossed and turned again last night, despite B being home.  It could have been because my foot kept cramping–OUCH! and WTF?–or it could have been because my pre-bedtime TV time included watching Deal Or No Deal and actually crying from nervousness for the woman up there who was throwing away over $600,000.  Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t an either-or kind of thing, it was a combination of the two.

No more game shows for me.

Also, no more gossip sites for me. 

I’ve been logging on to my regular junkgossip haunts, and all I’ve been seeing are stories on Heath Ledger.  Stories about the prescription drugs found in his apartment, pictures of his body on a stretcher, pictures of Michelle Williams being hustled into buildings, etc… And I just can’t take it anymore.  A man has died, and I feel like the whole thing shows a lack of respect for him and his life.  It really gets my goat that they harp on the amount/kind of prescriptions in his apartment.  I mean, if someone were to go through my medicine cabinet (which is really an entire kitchen cabinet because I have THAT MUCH) they would find a whole bunch of things besides my multi-vitamin.  Would they then speculate about my possible drug use and habits?  Probably.  But it wouldn’t be plastered all over the internet and even on the Today Show.  And that is what is making me feel so very…angry(?)  I’m not even sure of the correct word here.  Maybe I should just say frustrated. 

(And I’m not even going to start in on the fact that my quest for gossip fuels this sort of thing.  I’m a hypocrite, and I know it.)

(Also, a poet, evidently.)

Tired blogging.

B was out of town last night and, by God, I didn’t sleep.  I just laid there for the majority of the night wishing I had a book to read because I had already finished the book I began the day before.  Now I feel like death warmed over.  (A very tired version of death warmed over, because I imagine death to be a very restful state.)  He’s coming home tonight, thank goodness, because I don’t think I could take another night like last night.

The kids have been out of school for the past three days.  It was MLK day and then they had two days of teacher workdays.  And while I enjoy having them home, I’ve also had the two kids I babysit, and it’s been L-O-U-D here at casa de E.  Very loud.  And four kids here in my space uses up all of my patience by the end of the day.  On a good day, I’m spent.  And when I’m extra tired, it is very draining.  At least the weather has warmed up a little and allowed the sun to come out.  It makes it a lot easier when you can get them outside to run around and yell.  Unfortunately, the yard still has patches of mud leftover from all the rain, and the kids–and dog–all trekked their way through it and into the house.

Right now I’m taking a ten minute break, checking my email and jotting off a quick post.  But I cannot take more than ten minutes, because I’ve promised a very cute child–who is wearing my headband as a crown right this very minute and looking cuter than cute–that I would read the Thomas the Tank Engine book again.  And again.  And again.

Better go before my time runs out…


I opened up the blinds today.  I wanted to let the sunshine in and revel in the lightness and brightness of the day.  (Oh, that sounds weird.)  But instead, I saw how dirty my house had become.  I saw the dust that had accumulated on areas I never really look at.  I saw the bits of dog hair that had settled on the baseboards.  I realized that I had slowly let the house get dirtier than I would ever knowingly let it get. 

Darn sunlight.


The kids are off of school today.  They are off tomorrow, also.  And I think I’d rather they had someplace to go for a couple of hours.  Them being home makes them think they can just lounge in their pajamas all day and be brats.  I seem to think otherwise, and our thoughts about what the day should entail vary widely.

But I do enjoy them being around.  Even when they are brats. 

And I also really enjoyed not having to pack lunches and snacks this morning.


I’ve been thinking hard about going back to school.  Now, don’t get excited, I’ve just been thinking about it.  Now that it’s become much, much easier to take classes online, I’ve been giving it more thought.  I’ve been thinking about getting a teaching degree, elementary education or maybe special education.  But I just don’t know.  It’s in the serious-thinking-about stage right now.  And at any moment it could move into the all-done-thinking-about-and-doing stage or the oft-visited (for me at least) all-done-thinking-about-and-not-doing-whatintheheckwasIthinking stage.  Who knows.

B has been thinking about going back to school also.  He’s been thinking about it for several years now.  And when I mentioned that we could do it together (!) he seemed less than enthusiastic.  I think he mumbled something about me taking all the fun out of things; stealing his ideas and turning them into work.  I plead the fifth.  I have no idea what he’s talking about.  (Execpt that I often take his ideas and run with them, making them no longer fun for him because I have a tendency to become obsessed and run it into the ground.  For instance, did you know that he was the first of us to have a blog?  Yes.  And then I thought it looked like fun… and that brings us to me obsessively blogging and him, um, not.)

But I’m also considering if the cost of school is something I want to take on.  I mean, debt, sheesh, do I need any more of it?


I just read an article that said natural-born redheads could be extinct by the year 2100.  Something about it being a recessive gene and being slowly taken over by more dominant genes.  I wonder what else will not be around in the next 100 years.  Or 200 years.  What will slowly evolve and change?  I wish I could get a glimpse of the future and see.