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How I Spent My Friday:

I chaperoned on a field trip with my daughter’s class today.  We went to see The Nutcracker.  All I can say is, six year old boys and a ballet don’t necessarily mix. 

Oh, and a little boy from my daughter’s class told me that he was her boyfriend and that they were going to, and I quote, “Get a room.”  Yeah.  Lovely child.

But in spite of that — by the way, she’s not allowed to hang out with this boy ever again — I had a pretty good time.  My daughter liked the ballet, even though “you could totally see their underwear.”


Ornaments and trees.

Every Christmas we buy an ornament for the tree that has the year on it.  It’s a tradition in my family, one I hope will be around for a very long time.  In 50 years (God willing,) I hope to have a tree that is decorated soley with ornaments from every year.

Some years, whether due to our procrastination or unwillingness to spend a fortune on an ornament, we’ve written the year on the ornament ourselves.  But this year, while doing some Christmas shopping the weekend before Thanksgiving, we came across this ornament:


I’m so pleased.


An old friend left me a comment yesterday (HI!) about how difficult it is to try and find a blown bulb on a pre-lit tree.  And, golly, I didn’t even think about what kind of torture it would be if one bulb went out and then the whole tree was dark.  That right there is something I can do without, for sure.  I’m thinking I’ve heard of trees that have a special feature that keeps the other lights on if one is blown, but I’m also thinking that it may be an expensive thing.  And spending a ton of money is also something I can do without.  So maybe I’ll just stick with what I’ve got…for now.

(And Paul, my son saw your name and was like, “Aragorn?!  Mom, you know Aragorn?!”  And I had to tell him that he read your name wrong.  I also said I didn’t think you spent your time in Middle Earth fighting Orcs.  But if, by chance, you do, you would be my son’s hero.)


Yesterday, WordPress decided to link the last two paragraphs of my post to their preceding picture.  I didn’t notice the error at first.  When I did notice it, I immediately went to fix it.  But no matter how many times I tried, it wouldn’t take off that link.  Oh, it would look like the link was removed and the paragraphs returned to their normal state, only to revert back to the its linked state as soon as I hit the save button.

And because I must be bordering on masochistic, I kept going back and trying to break the link.  I went back several times, each time thinking that this time it would take.  But it didn’t.

I even returned first thing this morning, only to be thwarted by WordPress’s crafty ways.  It cannot be fixed.  So I’ve decided that I will just leave it as is.  I will forget about it and move on.

Oh, HA!, that’s funny.  Who am I kidding?  I cannot move on.  This silly little link is killing me.

We’re ready.

Decorating our house for Christmas first entails a trip up into the attic to retrieve the 20 bazillion boxes of Christmas decorations. And since B and I are afraid of heights, we make our children go do it. (Oh, don’t worry, I’m kidding.) They did go first, but the girl got too scared and didn’t even make it all the way up the ladder.


And the boy, who finally did make it up the ladder, was very perplexed as to how he would manage to get the boxes down from there.


But with help from the official doers of all things, AKA me and B, we managed to get the boxes and boxes down from the attic, and then down our steep flight of steps to the living room. Then we struggled with the tree for a few minutes before finally getting it into a somewhat tree-like position.


The boy worked really hard to get the star on top of the tree, but alas, he was just a teensy bit too short.


Next came the lights, and the lights kicked our butts. The lights gave us such headaches — from kicking our butts? — that we had to break for lunch, and a small cool-down period, before we could continue. I walked around mumbling about getting a “damn pre-lit tree”* and B walked around just plain pissed off. But, after what felt like forever and a day, we managed to get the lights on the tree. And they managed to somehow look fairly decent.

Our living room, however, didn’t look very decent. It looked like a disaster area.


And the dog was very upset about us rearranging the furniture and putting a tree in there that was not for chewing(!). She was very determined to chew on that tree, believe me. I think, however, that she’s given up on that and just taken to sulking on the couch, mourning her old furniture arangement and her formerly non-treed living room.


And so now — Ta-Da! — we have a house that is ready for Christmas. And I just love it. There’s something very nice about sitting in the room with the lights lit up and the fireplace on. It’s cozy, warm, and very, very pleasant.

*Every year I say I’m going to get a pre-lit tree at the after Christmas sales. I like the look of our tree, but I really do hate stringing up the lights. But every year the need to buy a pre-lit one lessens by the time Christmas is over. I don’t know if it’s just amnesia about how hard the whole lighting the tree process is, or if it’s just a need to not spend any more money that keeps me from buying a new tree. Maybe it’s both.

Am very thankful.

It’s a good thing I got a new camera in time to get wonderful Thanksgiving pictures. Well, it would have been a good thing, if I’d actually taken any pictures. Gah!

Never fear, I managed to get a couple. Here’s The Boy helping me cook. He loves to cook, yet he doesn’t eat a thing he makes. I figure one day he’ll decide to try something, and who knows, maybe he’ll actually like it.


While he cooked, The Girl spent her time laying around, torturing the dog.


And I did get a picture of me, but once I uploaded the pictures, I noticed that the combination of a camera flash and bright sunlight rendered my shirt see-through. So I’ll spare you that sight.

But come back tomorrow, when I’ll have some pictures of the day after Thanksgiving, when we put up our Christmas tree because DID YOU KNOW THAT CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY?!

Going shopping.

Yesterday we took the kids to an Angel Tree (done by the Salvation Army) to pick a child for them to buy new clothes for.  We were only going to pick one child, and shop for him/her as a family, but once we got there and saw all the children’s names up there on the tree, we decided to go ahead and let each child pick another child to be an “angel” for.

I was immediately drawn to the babies.  There were several who were under a year old, and I couldn’t imagine a baby not having warm clothes for winter.  But my husband thought that the children should pick an older child.  He made the point that an older child needs clothes for school, and would really appreciate some new clothes of their own.  And so we picked one of each–a nine month old and an eleven year old.

But the hardest thing for me was to walk away from that tree with all those other names still on it.  I sit here now and wonder what will happen if all of those names do not get chosen from that tree.  I can’t imagine how it would be to be a child and not have an amazing Christmas.  What would it be like to not have clothes that fit, or a heavy coat to go outside in?  I cannot even begin to imagine how it feels to be that child (or that child’s parent, for that matter.)


Right click.

My laptop–or should I be saying notebook?–doesn’t have a mouse (of course) it has one of those touch pointer thingamajigs.  (Oh, I sound so technical, don’t I!) 

I’ve been trying to adjust to using it, although it’s been a little hard.  I keep finding myself reaching for a mouse beside the computer, especially when I’m embroiled in a particularly good read and trying to hit the next button to find out exactly what Britney is doing now (or some-such other important information.)

This morning, however, was the icing on the cake.  It was one of those times when I was glad no one was paying any particular attention to me.  You see, I was trying to right click on something, and I couldn’t get it to work.  I kept right clicking and right clicking and the darn little window still wasn’t opening up.  I began to get frustrated.  Until, that is, I realized that I was not clicking the button on the bottom right side, but instead pounding on the touch pad with the finger I would use to right click were I using a mouse.

 And you know, instead of just chuckling to myself and being glad that no one was here to ridicule my idiocity, I decided to come here and share it with you.  Because I’m here for your amusement, really.  And I never said I was that smart.