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Show and tell.

My daughter has been taking art lessons since the beginning of the school year.  She’s always shown a real love for drawing and coloring and painting, etc… so when she fizzled out on the dance lessons, we decided this may be more her speed.  And she loves it.  She’s been very excited about going and learning new techniques.  Also, she’s very excited to go use all the paints and such that I don’t like to have her running around the house with.  (I’m also excited, because I don’t have to clean any of it up!)

 She had her first art show a few weeks ago.   Her teacher had set up all of the students work in the studio, and invited everyone to come for a viewing.  I was really surprised by the four pictures my daughter did, because I hadn’t seen them before.  The pictures, done mostly in oil pastels, were amazing.  And while I had brought my camera, intending to take pictures of all her work while it was on display, the batteries in the camera died on me, and I only got one picture:


(Not bad for a six year old, huh.) 

If you want to see the rest, I’m afraid you’ll just have to come visit. I’m going to frame them and find a place to display all of her work somewhere in this tiny house. I better find a big space, because I have a feeling we’re going to end up with a full gallery’s worth by the time she’s through.


And now — because I never pass up an opportunity to show off my kids — here they are before going to the art show:




I lied. But I have a good excuse.

So apparently, I am a liar.  Yesterday I promised that I would have pictures up today, and here it is, today, and there are no pictures.   And I could also lie to you yet again and say it was because I was too busy, but I’ll stop my untruths and just let you know that I didn’t get around to it.  Maybe tomorrow there will be pictures.  Maybe?


A few weeks back the lady I babysit for informed me that she was seriously thinking about quitting work.  That would mean I would be out of a job.  And while I’m kind of happy that she’ll be doing what she wants to do, I’m unsure about doing something different.  The little boys I babysit have been here for over 2 years.  They’ve gone from an infant and a toddler to a toddler and a preschooler, almost kindergartner.  I’ve watched them grow, and I feel sad that I won’t watch them grow even more.  I keep imagining running into them occasionally and not even recognizing them because of how big they’ve gotten.

But….but, I am very excited about the possibility of being able to do something — anything — I want to do.  I can choose to work from home again, or out of the home.  Heck, I can even wander the streets begging for money if I am so inclined.  The possibilities are endless.  And endless scares the ever-living sh*t out of me.  I am not the type who flies by the seat of their pants.  I am the plan, and them plan some more, type. 

Also, it is killing me because, you see, the mother has not decided for sure whether or not she’ll stay at home.  She’s not 100%, and therefore, I’m in limbo.  And limbo, also scares the sh*t out of me.  (Along with many, many other things.)

So I’m a little preoccupied right now.  I’m playing several different scenarios in my head, trying to be prepared for whatever will eventually happen.  Because if I’m not prepared, well, then I am nothing.

Give me a break.

I’m having a bad day.

Actually, it isn’t really me that’s having the bad day, but one of the children I babysit.  He’s having a bad day, and therefore I’m having one, too.  Isn’t it nice of him to share with me?

Tomorrow there will be pictures –because I promise I will finally upload those that have been sitting on my camera for a couple of weeks now.  But today I am going to spend the time that the kids are napping just relaxing and breathing deeply.

And I may eat a little chocolate, too.

What’s your type?

Yesterday I saw an article on that had the author applying the basics of the Myers Briggs personality tests to the current Presidential hopefuls.  I found it to be an interesting read.  Some of the information had me nodding my head in agreement, because those were the impressions I had of the candidates, also.  But just as a warning, let me tell you that Slate can lean a little to the left — although they may deny doing so — and therefore those of you who get angered when reading or supporting anything left-leaning may not want to go read the article.  (I’m looking at you, Dad.)

While I just found the article kind of fun, it didn’t get me thinking any more about politics.  Instead, it got me thinking about what my personality type would be.  I remember taking a Myers Briggs assessment sometime in school.  The guidance counselor used it to help guide us in our career paths.  And while I do not remember what my “type” was back then, when I took it again it told me my type is ISTJ.  (You can go here to take the test I took.  It’s an abbreviated version, but I think it’s fairly accurate.

The ISTJ is known as The Duty Fulfiller or The Inspector.  (Sounds like the kind of person you’d want to invite to your party, huh.)  And while I may not think it’s got the most exciting of descriptions, I do agree that the traits described fit me perfectly.  (Did you read it?  And those of you who know me, don’t you agree?  Is that just me, or what?!)

This, specifically, is what my husband would read and then jump up and down and scream, “That is her!  Yes.  That.  Is.  Her.” :  ISTjs like to collect reference material, encyclopaedias and dictionaries. They will never admit that they do not know something within the field of their activity. When they buy new appliances they always read the manual before using them even if the operations are obvious. At home they regimented in an almost military fashion. Every item has it’s own specific place and they look after and take care of all their things. ISTjs can become very irritated and angry if somebody changes or interrupts this specific order or treats their possessions improperly.

And, also, I was very interested to read this about perfect mates for my personality type: […] finds his or her opposite on the intuitive side: the ENFP. Perhaps he senses in the ENFP’s desire to spread the word something similar to the ESFP’s desire to put on a show. Certainly the vivacity and sparkle is apparent in both, an attribute which must be quite enchanting to the sober and careful ISTJ

Guess which type B is.  Yup, he’s an ENFP.

What type are you?


Today is my little girl’s birthday.

She is seven years old.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.


Yikes; I did see you, Nanny.

Okay, y’all, I just want to say:  I saw the nanny cam video that I spoke about in my last post.  It made me sick to my stomach to watch.  While the nanny didn’t do anything bad enough to be charged with a crime — and I think that the law didn’t ask a parent what constitutes a crime because if you were to ask me, the way she treated those infants should be criminal — she mistreated those baby boys.  More than I initially thought.  So I’m taking back my earlier guess that this was a “minor incident” and instead say thank goodness you fired this woman!

(Want to see the story?  Go here.  And on the right-hand side there are the home videos 1-6.  Click on them to see what the mother saw.)

So while I still don’t feel comfortable potentially being on camera, I definitely see the need for such things. 

I saw you, nanny.

There’s a story on the local news website about a mother using a nanny cam and finding out her nanny was being neglectful.  I don’t know all the details, but from what I read, the nanny was in charge of taking care of twin 7 month old boys, and one boy was sitting on the couch when he fell over, and the mother watched as the nanny walked by him several times and didn’t pick the child up, leaving him struggling on the couch.

(First of all, let me say that the idea of watching your infant struggle while someone walked right by him several times is horrible to me.  I couldn’t imagine how badly I would feel; how enraged I would feel.  And I’m glad that this mother fired her nanny and was able to take action before something else happened — something very harmful to a small child.  I feel like this might have been just a minor incident, but is indicative of someone who may have let something worse happen.  I mean, who doesn’t pick up an infant when they fall?)

But the article got me thinking about nanny cams.

I am a cross between a nanny and a home daycare provider.  I work for one family watching their two kids, but instead of taking care of them in their house, I take care of them in my home.  I don’t see myself as someone who has a home daycare — to me that means taking care of many kids — nor do I see myself as a traditional nanny — to me a nanny is someone who goes to the family’s house.  But regardless of what my title is, I take care of two children.  And I enjoy it.  But I do not think I would be willing to do it if I found out the family had a nanny cam.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing to hide.  And having nothing to hide, you would think I wouldn’t have a problem with a nanny cam.  (Also, I understand the desire for parents to see what is happening with their children.  In fact, if I were the parent, I may have a different opinion on this.)  I feel, however, strongly against me being filmed at all times, and without my knowledge.  Heck, I even have strong feelings about being filmed withmy knowledge.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like the idea of being watched while I ate, sang songs and acted silly with a child, heck, even adjusted my underpants after rolling around on the floor in a tickle-fight.  (You didn’t need that image, I know.  Sorry.)  If I found out a family I worked for had a nanny cam, I think I would leave.  It just makes me that uncomfortable.

Oh , and you know, the news article I read already had several comments that run along the lines of “you can’t trust anyone, film them all the time” and “if you don’t trust anyone then you should take care of your kids yourself and do without the income because your kids are more important.”  And, oh boy, I’m not even going to go near that battle — it’s too explosive.  But I am going to say that for the few families who have encountered a neglectful nanny, there are lots and lots more who have wonderful people caring for their children.   And I hope people remember that.