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Drink up.

This cartoon reminds me of a drink we bought – I think it’s made out of the same things.

Over the weekend we bought a drink called Twisted Tea. It’s a malt beverage – part of our new drinking lifestyle (HA! Funny!) – and we thought, hmmm, something that tastes kinda like iced tea can’t be too bad. Holy heck we were so wrong. It is awful. I mean, I can drink that iced tea in a can stuff and think it’s yummy (my husband wouldn’t touch the stuff if you bribed him.) But this twisted tea concoction, well, it is not meant to be consumed. Ever.

And now a totally unrelated side note: Would anybody like some Twisted Tea? Come on over. I’ve got plenty and I will share because I’m just generous like that. Isn’t that nice of me?

Gone crazy

Because I am completely fried, I am not going to write an entry this morning. Instead, I am going to lock myself in the bathroom, put my fingers in my ears, and say “lalalalalalaIcan’thearyouIcan’thearyouIcan’thearyou!”
Maybe I’ll write later…

Throwing the online equivalent of a temper tantrum. Ignore it if that sort of thing annoys you.

Tonight I am pouting. Why? Because!

I feel like stomping my feet, closing my eyes and yelling. I want to throw a good temper tantrum. But, alas, temper tantrums aren’t really the thing for an adult to do – especially with the kids here in the room. So I’m doing the next best thing – blogging about it!

(This is where you put your arm around my shoulders and ask me what’s wrong.)

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because I feel like talking about it. You see, the little boy, you know, the babysit-ee, is driving me crazy. He’s three. That’s probably enough to drive people crazy. But wait, there’s more. I’m not going to use this as a chance to publicly bash a small child (only because he’s not my own – my own children would be up for public bashing, of course,) so all I’m going to say is we have issues. Issues with patience… sharing… and violence. Yeah, you read that right, violence. Towards me, my children, and my walls.

Now, he hasn’t destroyed anything (except a few random toys, but they were probably on their last legs anyway.) But he is, um, difficult. Especially difficult lately. And it’s driving me bananas. It takes all my energy to deal with him, watch him, and generally interact with him. I am trying my darndest to be positive with him; to tell him how wonderful all the good things he does are; to give him praise when praise is due; to not beat him into the ground (emotionally, not physically!) And still, still, he is always in trouble.

I have taught preschool. I have been in classrooms full of three year olds, and I have never had to deal with all this. Never.

The boy can be such a lovely boy. He can be very good and very sweet. But when he’s bad… well, you know. When he first started coming over to my house, he had the usual three year old issues. The little bits of mischief every small child has. That I can take. But now, well, now it is getting extreme.

I am hoping it gets better. Pray for us (or keep your fingers crossed, whatever it is you can do.)

No rabid mommy monsters here.

Yesterday, the little one who practically calls my house home (or the child I babysit – same thing) told me this: “My mommy bit my hand.”

Yeah. A little on the strange side, don’t you think? So I was there talking with him, and frantically trying to figure out how it came to be that his mommy bit him. “Did you feed her some food and she bit your finger?,” I asked. “No, she bit my hand,” he said “and it hurt.” Well, all I could think of was that, indeed, she accidentally bit his finger or something. Like he was giving her a bite of something, and he didn’t let go with his fingers. I mean, that could happen, right?

So I asked him to show me where she bit his hand, thinking that this would shed a little more light on his statement. He showed me the side of his hand. The meaty part. The part you would bite if you were some rabid mommy monster trying to eat your child. But I was still sure this was not the case with this particular mommy. Pretty sure, anyway.

After he told me, over and over again, how his mommy bit him and it hurt, I decided we needed to change the subject. So of course, I changed it with, “Who wants a snack?” (A little bit of Goldfish can make a child forget about his woes with the quickness.)

It wasn’t until later that his statement made more sense. It wasn’t until he was being lectured on the merits of not hitting, pushing or grabbing his friends (ie my kids) that he added the one thing to the list of things he shouldn’t do that revealed the reason his mommy bit him. He said, “No biting your friends, it hurts them. My mommy bit me, and it hurt. I put her in time out.”


(Those of you who have kids that were ‘biters’ know that some will resort to biting their own child to show them that it hurts others. I didn’t have ‘biters’ so I didn’t know. But now it all makes sense.)

Someone sick? Send ’em on over. They’ll fit right in.

The sickness is back in our house.

Between me, my children, and the kids I babysit, we have not had a sick-free week in a long time. That’s not an exaggeration either. Not one sick-free week. Do you know the kind of toll that takes on a woman? Let’s just say it’s rough.

This time it’s my daughter who is sick. She woke up from a nap yesterday and said she had a headache. Then by the time she got out of the bathtub last night, she was shivering with a fever. And this morning the fever is still there – 101.8 – but I think after some Tylenol, it’s on it’s way down. She’s also started to play a little bit now. Before, she was huddled under the blankets on the couch looking downright pitiful. It’s good to see her back to her usual bossy, loud self, even if it is toned down a little (which is actually much nicer – but keeping a child sick so she’s subdued is frowned upon, and impossible, I think.)

Now, what I’m really worried about is that she’s had a bunch of mousquito bites lately. Or something that causes red, swollen, itchy bumps on her. And I mean several. I thought that maybe she had something in her bed, and washed all her sheets, covers, etc. But I didn’t see anything on her bed. And I’ve checked the house obsessivly, but no one else has that many bites/bumps. (I did have a musquito bite on my a**, but that’s more than you needed to know, huh.) So I’m thinking, oh my god, it’s West Nile. Or some rare rash and sickness that’s going to land her in the hospital. I’m checking WebMD every few hours or so whenever I get another idea of what it might be. And I’ve even checked the CDC website for instances of West Nile. I think – just think, mind you – that I’m going a little overboard. It’s probably just a little regular virus, or maybe a small reaction to having bug bites (she swells a lot whenever something bites her) and her body is just having a mild reaction. Is that possible?? Or – here’s a novel idea – it may have nothing to do with the bug bites at all. But I’m keeping a close eye on it, and if that fever gets any worse, her butt is going to the doctor ASAP.

You know, maybe I should just open up a sick daycare – take care of all the kids who are too sick to go to regular daycare. It seems like that’s what I’m doing anyway, and maybe I can charge more. A heck of a lot more.

Not very interesting… but still a weekend update.

The baby… The baby I keep here at my house during the week… He has learned to crawl. Dude, (and I don’t normally say dude, but I think this warrants it) I am so screwed. Before, he would kind of scoot around on his bottom and slowly be able to make it around the room. He was slow enough that I was able to make a sandwich, or help another child, and still stop him from getting into anything he wasn’t supposed to be around. But now, now, he can get wherever he wants to go, and quickly too. And my house is a death-trap. He isn’t crawling at max baby speed yet, but I see the future, and it includes a climbing, crawling baby who gets into everything. I am so screwed.


My aim to not spend any money this weekend didn’t work out very well. Besides the trip to the grocery store (twice, dammit) and the gas station (yikes) I really didn’t spend all that much. (Um, okay, yeah, there was a trip to a restaurant involved, but it was a cheap one.) What did we do? We went to the gym, went to the pool, took a sinfully long nap Saturday afternoon, went for a drive around, went out to eat, went to the Museum of Natural History, and also another History museum that I don’t remember the name of (and they were FREE.) Not too bad, huh. My bank account will thank me.

Linking up

Okay everyone, I have gotten permission from the lovely Sara to put her link on here. So of course I put it up first thing this morning because I am excited! There it is, over there on the side, Sara’s World ——->

Now you must go there immediately and see the picture of what happened to her little girl. (Nah, don’t worry, it’s nothing too gruesome – would I send you over there if it was?) But it is bad enough to make me want to give that little girl the biggest hug ever. And maybe Sara could use some comforting too, because, of course, it involved a trip to the emergency room with two small kids and happened when her husband was out of town. (Husbands being out of town must initiate some weird fate/karma thing that makes all kinds of emergencies happen.)

So, like I said, be good to her over there.