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Happy New Year!

This is the last day of 2006. And I feel like it should be more special or something. But it’s an every day kind of day, very un-special. And I think tonight will be spent just like every night around here – we’ll put the kids to bed and maybe watch a little TV, I’ll read a book and fall asleep, and we’ll be lucky if we see the new year in.

But who knows, we may decide to be wild and stay up late…


Whatever it is you are doing tonight, I hope you are enjoying yourself. Stay safe and warm. And best of luck to you in the coming year!

Did somebody say ‘pictures’?

The cookies, they are for Santa! They are all for Santa! And the kids, they are excited!

The boy and his loot.

The girl and her loot.

And no, he didn’t fall asleep here (because he was up at 2:00 AM checking to see if Santa had come,) he just looks like he did.

That, my friends, is a Hot Wheels Radar Gun. Now he’ll know if you’re speeding down our street. (You may also be able to find me outside playing with it, because that’s one cool toy.)
Hot Wheels, Beat That.
A study in concentration.

That crazed look in her eyes is from the unbelievable high provided by lots and lots of Littlest Pet Shop animals.
Eh, an ornament.

Yeah – eh, an ornament.

Easy Bake, baby! That’s her first cake. It was hard as a rock and the frosting looked like, um, looked like nothing like frosting. But we ate it. And I made all the right mmmmm noises.

The kids were overwhelmed by Christmas, as always. They received a lot of presents, and were, overall, very pleased with what they got. I think Santa would be better off not going with the misguided notion that the boy needs less video game time and stop trying to get him toys that are not video games, already. Because the boy is happy with video games. Santa just needs to deal, and it would save Santa a ton of money on toys that he doesn’t like as much as he likes his video games. Just a small hint for Santa.
But this, people, is one happy boy.

Have a good Christmas?

Kids, while looking at the front of a gift bag: “Mom, what’s NOEL mean?”

Me: “Um… you know, I don’t know.”

Daughter, grinning triumphantly: “Oh, Oh, I know! It’s the alphabet, without the ‘L’. No-El.”


I’ll post pictures sometime, um… soon? I uploaded some from the camera, but the work required to post them here seems to be more than I can bring myself to do right now. I’m too busy playing referee to the children and all the friends that are spending time over at my house. (Let me tell you, they are all crazy.) And also, I am busy driving around in the little Equinox the Chevy dealer gave me to drive while my van is in the shop, yet again. (Crappy Chevys.)

SO… pictures. Soon. Sometime. Sometime soon.

My wish…

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

There’s nooo day like an off-work Friday.

I am off of work today. (WooHoo!) In fact, I am off of work until January 2nd. That makes me oh so very happy. The kids are off of school until then also. We’re finally off at the same time. (And this is going to make me feel very sad come January 2nd, I think, when I realize how much I enjoy hanging out with my kids and having free time.)

My poor husband, however, is not off until January 2nd.


My van – oh lord, that van – is back at the dealership today. It’s making a thwump thwump sound, and it’s more than likely got something to do with the tires. We had them balanced and rotated, but that didn’t help. So the darn thing is back in the shop.

You know… I know that I shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations about automotive companies based on one single vehicle, but I’m not thinking I’ll buy another Chevrolet (or GM). Who knows, maybe I will, sometime further down the line. But this particular van is a dud (I had piece of sh*t written, but felt dud was nicer. Then I thought about and still felt like I should tell you I think it’s a pieces of sh*t. What can I say, I’m not feeling very polite regarding this van.) I want to take it back to the dealership and tell them to shove it in a very unmentionable place. That’s how much love I’m feeling for it right now.


Enjoy your Friday. I hope you have off of work today too. I also hope that if you go out into the fray today, you manage to enjoy yourself. But for God’s sake, stay away from Walmart. It’s too crazy out there, people, and I fear for your safety.


Um… yeah…

The whole previous post? Ignore it. Evidently, I am an idiot. I think that the whole lightbulb issue is really a non-issue. According to what I read online, the new oven don’t even use a lightbulb anymore. Which could be why it doesn’t come with one.

That’s what I get for listening to someone I don’t really know well. And then not looking it up for myself.


Don’t say anything, but I think my little girl is getting an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. I’m not ruining the surprise, so don’t tell her, okay? But the reason I’m telling you is because I just found out that the oven does not come wtih the lightbulb it needs to bake. And I want to rant a little about toys not coming with all the supplies needed. I understand the whole ‘batteries not included’ thing. And that’s fine with me. I buy lots of batteries, and always check the boxes to make sure I have the correct size on hand. But there are some toys, like the Easy Bake, that do not come with other items.

We were looking at the different remote control flying/racing vehicles out there for my son for Christmas. And there were several that were very neat looking. They were, however, very expensive, and I was on the fence about whether or not to get one. Then I noticed that most of them did not include the battery pack needed to use ’em. And I’m not just talking about a few ‘C’ batteries, I mean the special, use only for this toy, rechargable battery packs. It seemed ridiculous to me! And then the battery packs were fairly expensive to boot, pushing the cost of the toy up into stratospheric proportions. So we abandoned the idea, for now. I’m hoping something good comes around that includes all necessary items.

So today my mission is to go buy a lightbulb (for the Easy Bake.) And do it without tipping off the girl, because she’s smart, and will figure out what it’s for.