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I feel like, since this is the last day of the year, I should write a post that’s very introspective, heavy on the sappiness, full of remembrance of all the things we accomplished in 2007.  However, sitting here right now, I cannot remember a lot of 2007.  I hate to say it, but it was just another year in the life, you know?

Oh don’t get me wrong, we accomplished a lot both individually and as a family.  We had a lot of very wonderful times, and special moments.  We may have had a few rough moments, but they never ruin what I always see as a wonderful year.  The kids have both accomplished so much, but they always do.  They are growing and learning.  And come to think of it, so am I.  I’d like to say I’m getting better with every year that passes, but sometimes I think that’s not necessarily true.  Some years I may slip back a little.  But I like to think it’s a general uphill trend.

I hope 2007 was a good year for you.  I hope 2008 is just as good, if not better.

Happy New Year.


Earlier today, during a fit of pure boredom, I devoured the remaining 1/4 of a chocolate bar that had been in the cabinet for a week or so.  (It wasn’t even that good.  But, you know, it was chocolate.)  I sat at the kitchen table, breaking off the little rectangles while checking in with some of my favorite websites.  I ate without even thinking about it, sometimes dropping a little bit of chocolate onto myself here and there.

It wasn’t until just a few minutes ago that I noticed that I not only had chocolate on the front of my shirt, but also on the crotch of my pants.  Can you imagine how that looked?  Luckily, I haven’t gone anywhere today — except to walk the dog — and I do not think anyone noticed my chocolate covered self.   And since I wasn’t seen, I guess I can feel better about the whole thing. 

Still, if you happen to see my dignity, could you send it on back to me?  I think I lost it sometime in the late 90’s, so, really, it could be anywhere by now.

Born Supervisor.

“Okay, sweetheart, it’s time to go rearrange your room and put up your shelves.”

“Okay, Mom, you go ahead.  I’ll come check up on you later.”

Too much makes me tired.

Our Christmas partying began on Sunday with a get-together at my husband’s grandmother’s house.  There were several aunts, uncles and cousins present, and it ended with a sugar-fueled present opening session that left the entire floor covered in wrapping paper and empty boxes.  The partying continued on Monday.  Although, we didn’t actually attend anything planned, we ran errands and went visiting and just generally had a busy time of things.  So by the time Tuesday rolled around, and Christmas day was finally here, we were tired.  But we didn’t let that slow us down.  We had a wild time here at the house, opening presents and having guests over and playing, playing, playing.

I especially had a wild time with the Wii.  I bowled, and boxed, and played baseball so much, my arms were screaming with pain the next day.   Today, finally, I can move them, but they are still sore.  And while I found that you did not have to flail around the room to play the games — you can sit and just move your arms or hands — it really isn’t as much fun.  And I’m so glad that we have it.

We begged out of a party last night — and I hope we didn’t hurt any feelings by not going — because we just couldn’t take anymore.  The kids were whiny, I couldn’t move my upper body, and B was practically sleep walking. (And that had nothing to do with him being determined to solve the Rubik’s Cube and staying up half the night working on it.  Nothing at all.)   I got the kids into bed before 8:00 last night and I swear that once I hit the pillow, I did not stir again until it was time to get up this morning.

Christmas has turned into a wild time around here.  It’s fun.  But I think my feelings today are best summed up by this picture:


Going blond (with guitars)

So, my daughter got this for a present:


And I did this with it:


(Not my best look. I mean, hello! Japanese with chubby cheeks. And by golly, that hair is shiny.)

Then B did this:


Oh, and did I happen to mention that the kids got electric guitars from Santa? Because they did. Here, go see (it’s password protected, sorry:)

New Guitars: Episode I from Grinningellie on Vimeo.

New Guitars: Epsode II from Grinningellie on Vimeo.

New Guitars: Episode III from Grinningellie on Vimeo.

(You know the drill…the password is my name.)

Christmas miracles.

So what did we get my husband?  What did he lo-oo-oo-ve?


Why, a Wii, of course.



And it was truly a surprise, because we weren’t even going to get one.

Well, I take that back. We weren’t going to get one back in November (when they were still in some stores) but we changed our minds mid-December (when they were no longer in any stores.) I sent B out one morning when the stores first opened, armed with the Sunday fliers which advertised Wiis, and the clerk laughed at him. It seems that there were folks who had stood in line since 1:00 AM, and by the time the store opened, they were already sold out. So we decided we would wait until the spring, and get one then. Besides, we said, we may not even want a Wii. We may want to get an Xbox 360.

And that is how we left things – getting every other toy the kids desired EXCEPT a Wii. I even told my son, who was so confident that Santa could make him a Wii that he wasn’t even sweating the fact that they were sold out in stores, that Santa didn’t make Wiis at the North Pole. I explained to him that Nintendo had certain licensing agreements, and Santa would be in violation of copyright laws if he made them. So basically I told the boy not to hold his breath. A Wii just wasn’t going to be under the tree this year.

But then, THEN, the kids and I went out shopping the day before Christmas (Christmas Eve Day, I believe it’s called.) We wanted to buy B a video; a Christmas movie as one extra little gift. I knew that he had figured out what he already had under the tree, so I wanted to get him a surprise. Unfortunately, the video I wanted to get him was nowhere to be found. So as I was driving home, I decided to swing into one more store. Just one more, I thought. Well, they didn’t have the video, and I was upset. And so then when my son informed me he had to go potty and couldn’t wait until we got back home, I’ll admit that I may have been a little snippy. (But I took them to the potty. I have to. I think it’s in my parent contract.)

It was upon exiting the bathroom that a true Christmas miracle happened. There, in the middle of the very aisle we were attempting to use to exit the store was a trio of employees guarding a pallet. A pallet of what, you ask? Well, a pallet of Wiis. And they were for sale. A whole frickin’ pallet of them. Right there in front of me.

So I grabbed one and ran.

Well, actually, I asked the nice people if I could indeed buy one because I really didn’t believe that they were right there for sale; right there in front of me.

And that is how I ended up doing something I never do: buy a video game system on the spur of the moment. And that is how B ended up with a Wii. (We couldn’t even wait to give it to him on Christmas. I wrapped it and he opened it within a half hour of me getting home from the store. The kids were writhing on the floor, yelling that dad needed to open his present now, now, NOW.)

Also, that is how my children ended up with a very big crapload of presents AND a new game system.

But the Wii, it is fun, I worked up a sweat while playing a boxing game for the better part of an hour (or two.) And I must now go rest. Also, take copious amounts of Ibuprofen.

Hope you had a Christmas as nice as ours. Coming soon: me as a blond, and B as a rockstar. Also, VIDEO.

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a peaceful, happy, merry, merry, full-of-food kind of Christmas.

And we got my hubby a present he’ll lo-oo-oo-ve.  So I hope you’re as happy as he’ll be.

Merry Christmas!