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My daughter is a wee bit dramatic.  And by wee bit, I mean a whole heck of a lot. 

So today when she declared that she didn’t feel well, I wasn’t sure if it was just her way of saying she didn’t want to do anything or if she was really sick.  Absent a fever or any actual throw-up, I can never tell with her.  I decided just to play along, and told her she needed to go home right away and get into bed.  I figured that if she was being over-dramatic, she would declare herself well in a short period of time and get out of bed, and if she was truly sick, well, then some bed rest would do her some good. 

I was leaning towards her just being dramatic again and not actually being sick.

Well… she promptly went to bed and fell asleep.  And then when she called me up to her room I thought for sure she would ask to get up, but instead she asked for a drink.  And when I offered her water, she didn’t try to change the order to juice.  So then I thought that maybe she really wasn’t feeling well.  And being the pushover mom that I am, I got her some water and brought her a DVD player so she could watch movies in bed.

Either she really is feeling sick, or she’s having the best lazy day ever.  I may never know which.