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Of all the teachers to get, he gets her.

I wasn’t going to post again… I really planned on taking the kids outside and letting them run out some energy. But the kids, well, they will have to wait.

I just had to share with you the information that came home with my son today. Written on a booklet he did in his Kindergarten class was a note from his teacher. It said:

“He needs to write *scribbled out letter* neater and erase less. I can not read his writing.”

If I could scan it in for you, I would. The note about him erasing less was written with a scribbled out letter! The note asking him to write neater was in this horrible scrawl! And how, exactly, can a child – a Kindergartener, mind you – get his letters to be neater without erasing and trying again?

People, this teacher is the teacher I would never wish on any child. Instead of showing him how to do the work correctly, she criticizes. He comes home feeling bad about his work; feeling like he cannot do it right. It makes me sick.

Ok, now I will take these children outside. And I will rescue my child’s ego by letting him do something he is good at, and praising him profusely. Because he really is special, and smart, and capable. Even if his handwriting is not the best. (You should see his parents’ – The deck is stacked against him with this one!)

Useless and bored. That about says it all.

I’m bored. So bored, and yet, really, I have so much I should be doing. I just cannot get my mind working. My powers of concentration have left me altogether. While trying to read the news headlines this morning, I completely spaced out and read everything twice before I had even realized I had read it twice. As in, hmmm, didn’t they just say something about that yesterday? Oh wait, no, it wasn’t yesterday, it was just this morning. I’m reading this for the second time!

I really should be working on the stuff for the accountant, and I will, but just not right now. And the level of dust in my house has reached dangerous proportions. So I guess I will have to dust soon. But right now? Right now I am useless, and bored.

The kids are watching TV (oh the glory of TV.) The baby is napping. And I am on the computer. Because if I have to watch any more children’s programming, I think I’ll completely lose it and go ape shit. Yeah, that bad. But the computer is running out of interesting things to tell me. This week, I have read all the gossip sites, the news, done a little online clothes browsing, and even looked up certain medical conditions on WebMD (because you never know and it pays to be informed.) I’ve even read the archives of other’s blogs to catch up on all the things I didn’t know about them. Mmm-Hmm, exciting!

Which leaves me with nothing much to do at the moment, and nothing much to write about here. Because I haven’t done anything interesting lately. We went to Wal-Mart last night. And ate McDonald’s food. See? You didn’t even need to hear about that. Ergo, I have nothing to write about. Except how bored I am.

Got anything interesting to tell me? Bring it on!

Purging the evil…Part 2

Ok, ok, ok… So I didn’t make it all day (as my husband was so quick to tell you!) What he didn’t say was, when I mentioned that I wanted to make brownies, he said, “Go ahead.”

At the time I was just venting my want for brownies, but he totally pushed me over the edge. Him and his “go ahead“. Isn’t that just another way of saying, “Please make the brownies, please. I would like nothing more on earth than brownies for dessert. I know that you are trying to give up sugar, but the brownies, I need them.”

So I did it all for him. Um, yeah, it was all for him. It had nothing to do with my want for brownies, absolutely nothing. All for him. Uh-huh, him. Nothing to do with me. Nothing. Not really. Well, maybe kinda…

Sugar Junkie

This is the hubby Ellie often refers to in her blog articles.

Just to let you know that…

She completely didn’t make it with the no sugar deal. By 6 o’clock she was making brownies with marshmallows and peanut butter chips. Do not let her fool you with her witty banter, she is weak.

Purging the evil from my body. (Or, giving up sugar… same diff)

The bad mood has passed (mostly.) The pity party has come to an end (mostly.) The weather is cooler (oh thank God!) and the sun is shining. And we went out for Mexican food last night. All of that equals one happy lady (mostly.)

Let me tell you about the little part that is keeping me from being in one of the best moods ever. It is called: no sugar. And Ha! it is the devil.

Um, seriously, yeah, the devil.

You see, last night after joyously eating a full plate of enchiladas, refried beans, and some of the best rice ever, I unknowingly made a deal that is eeevviill. (Cue ominous music.) I was speaking with my husband about how much sugar I have been consuming lately, and when he suggested I tried to go without, I said, yeah, maybe that’s a good idea. Obviously, I was not in my right mind. Obviously he was taking advantage of a Mexican-food-high.

Now I’ll give you a little background about my relationship with sugar. In 1998, (or maybe 1997, but heck, who can remember that far back) I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic. Basically, that’s the opposite of Diabetic in that your pancreas makes too much insulin whereas the diabetic pancreas doesn’t make enough. And in hypoglycemia this insulin production is directly related to how much sugar you consume. So the best way to control it is to not consume simple sugars (or things that convert easily to simple sugars, like my beloved white bread.)

Back when I was diagnosed, I went on a no-added-sugar diet. I started to eat more protein and fiber, and shunned anything with sugar added to it. Needless to say, I also lost a ton of weight. Not that I needed to lose any weight back then, but you know, it never goes when you want it to. But I digress. My diet was very wholesome, and I didn’t mind much. I felt very good, in fact.

Then I became pregnant with my son. I found out something miraculous about my pregnancy. Yeah, I know, a pregnancy in itself is miraculous, blah, blah, blah. But what I found truly wonderful was that sugar didn’t affect me the way it used to! I could eat things I couldn’t eat before, and that was like a manna from heaven to my pregnant self.

So I ate. And ate. And ate. And, um, put on a little weight. The weight? Well, it really hasn’t come off. And the eating habits? They haven’t gone back to wholesome. In fact, they have proceeded to get worse. Hence, grumpy, tired me. Very grumpy, very tired me.

And so, I am not eating sugar today. I’m going cold turkey off of the white powder that has me so addicted. But I’m not going off of white bread just yet. With that, I am taking baby steps. (I am only so strong, people. I cannot conquer the world of refined foods all at once.) But the sugar addiction? Well, it is stronger than a caffeine addiction to my hypoglycemic body. I am going to have headaches, cravings and mood swings. (Full blown DT’s by tonight.) But when I come out on the other side, I will feel good. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Consider yourself warned – this woman may be grumpy. But the end justifies the means. (Hopefully.)

Oh heck, as long as I’m complaining…

Let me just say that I think accounting firms suck. Yeah, I said it… They suck.

I’m having an awful time with one right now, particularly one woman who does not know the concept of calling or emailing specifics in a language us normal people can understand, and I just had to publicly say how much they (meaning her, really) suck!

(Except I’m a wimp, and I won’t mention their name, or why exactly I think they suck because, well, defamation of character and all that. I’m sure lawyers suck even more that accountants.)

And one more thing I’m going to complain about since I’ve officially deemed this The Day That I Will Complain – the heat is here. The awful heat that I have dreaded since we moved back here has finally come to stay. And it is really, truly awful. Why do we need it to be so hot? Why can’t we do something about this awful heat? Yeah, yeah, I know, they did invent air conditioning. For that I am very grateful. But sometimes this girl likes to go outside. And it is now too miserable to be out there. Waahhhh!

Ok, complaining done. Pity party will continue through a full 24 hours. Then I will get over my damn self and get on with things! Hope you’re having a good day! (Someone ought to!)

Partying like it’s… well, not really…just me complaining, skip it if you don’t want to hear me whine.

I’m happy to report that the little boy who, last week, dreaded coming over to my house is now happily here. He has come running in, happy as can be, the last two mornings.

But the fates, they do not make these things simple, ever. Because, you see, now I am the one who doesn’t want him to come over. And not just him, but his brother either. Not that I don’t like them, because I do. They are good kids, and they keep my daughter busy. I like that very much. What I don’t like is not having my freedom.

I didn’t realize how much I missed it until yesterday. There have been times when I wished I could just go cruise a mall, or the local Target, or maybe even take the kids downtown to a park. But it really hit home yesterday, when the little kids were being dropped off late. I had the chance to iron some clothes, have 2 cups of coffee, and walk my son to school. Then my daughter and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and I got a chance to vacuum a little. All in the 3 extra hours I had until the kids were dropped off here. And I really enjoyed it.

I realized how much I missed spending time with just my kids. I miss being able to do special things for them – like take them to the toy store to ohh and ahh over the newest toys. I miss being able to just pick up and go wherever we want. And it’s starting to get me down. So down, in fact, that I spent half the night last night trying to figure out a way that we could pay all our bills without me working. And, um, unless we can get a house for $400 a month, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

What about my other options, you ask? Well, I could find a job outside the home, but, um, that would mean spending even less time with my kids, and even less freedom. I suppose I could get an evening job, but that would mean less time with my husband. And I rarely get to spend any time with him as it is. Next time, I think I’ll go for a part-time kid watching gig. Maybe something that gives me a day or two off during the week. Because, I think, this summer is going to really be a bummer for me and my kids. I know my son will be bored – we won’t be able to do any of the things he likes to do. And I know he’s sick of hearing, “We can’t do that with the little kids here.”

(I do know that I am very lucky to have the option to take my son to school, pick him up, and just be able to stay at home with my daughter. But still, I’m allowed to complain a little. It may be petty, but it’s how I’m feeling. But really? I know I’m blessed. Just bear with me until I’m done with my little pity party. ‘Cause right now, that party is in full swing.)