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Whoo, boy!  Working full time and trying to manage my household certainly was a challenge. 

Hats off to those who manage to do it so smoothly! 

I certainly was not one of those people. 

But that’s not to say I couldn’t do it, if, say, it was a necessary thing for me to do.  But when I sat down and realized that I could cut my hours back to 30 a week and still take home the same amount of money every week because I’d no longer have to pay for childcare, well… the decision was pretty much made for me.  It was crazy to kill myself and make myself feel so guilty when all I had to do was cut back.  And my working hours have finally been changed, so cut back I did!

Oh, but I’m still working.  In fact, I’m technically working two jobs right now.  And I know you’re thinking that it’s kind of counterproductive to the whole “cutting back” thing, but it’s not.  Trust me.  I’m watching the children of the lady who was watching my children.  (Does that make sense?)  You see, she was out of a job when I decided I’d no longer need childcare.  So I volunteered to watch her children — a 5 month old and a 4 year old — in the evenings while she goes to work at the very same preschool where I work.  We just switch positions every day at 2:50 PM.  I take her children home with me and begin my second job.  But this allows me to pick my kids up at school, do laundry, prep some dinner, etc… and it takes a whole load of stress off of my shoulders.

So, HOORAY!  I am no longer working as hard. 

(But I’m still not spending near as much time lounging on my couch, which is really how I’d prefer to spend my days.  But baby steps, right?)