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Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a great holiday.

Enjoy yourselves.

Beginning a new adventure. (Ready or not…)

I haven’t been able to come here and write for a while.  It was just too daunting for me to come and write about my daughter’s ordeal.  So in classic me fashion, I avoided the whole thing.  Because things go away when you ignore them, right?

But because things don’t seem to go away often enough for me, I’m here to say that we have discovered that my daughter has started early puberty.  She’s not all the way there (ie: no menstruation) but at the age of seven her bone growth is that of a ten year old’s.  So we’ll have to do something to stop puberty until her calendar age catches up with her body’s age.  Which, being the excellent mathematician that I am, I figure will be about three years.

Three years of hormone injections.

But first we have to determine what has started the hormones coursing through her body to come early.  Which means that the week after Christmas will be filled with blood draws and injections.  And maybe an MRI.  The doctor was sure to tell me that 95% of the cases are as simple as the body releasing the hormones early, but there is the 5% chance that it’s because of a tumor.  Hence the MRI. 

Also, hence the insomnia I’ve been dealing with.

My day, in a few words.

Doctor’s Office.


Precocious puberty.

Blood tests forthcoming.

MRI, probably.

Medical bills.



My boy.


I couldn’t get him to look at me because he was doing this:


Also, my flash seems to work really well.

My girls.