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Back. For now.

I took a vacation from my blog.

What started out as a small break from writing while my dad was here turned into a full blown vacation from everything for two weeks.  And I enjoyed the break.  Then, when my dad left and I told myself it was time to establish some sort of routine for the summer, I just sort of fell apart.  No, not in any serious way, but more in a how do I get back into a groove? sort of way.

Right now I’m still trying to adjust to summer, and it feels as if the whole thing is already slipping through my fingers.  I am too hard on myself — always have been — and part of myself is expecting me to bounce right on into a productive routine; to develop a plan for summer and beyond.  Another part of myself wants so desperately to just be laid back about it all and enjoy the lack of appointments and obligations.  I wish the laid back part of me could take control, but it seems to be fighting a losing battle because I am driving myself crazy with all these expectations I seem to have.

I even thought that I might abandon the blog.

But here I am.  Again.