My day, in a few words.

Doctor’s Office.


Precocious puberty.

Blood tests forthcoming.

MRI, probably.

Medical bills.



My boy.


I couldn’t get him to look at me because he was doing this:


Also, my flash seems to work really well.

My girls.



He says he never takes a good picture.


(and he’s going to kill me when he sees this.)

Eat some green bean casserole for me.

Y’all, thanks to Alton Brown, I now have a defrosted turkey and I’m currently cooling a brining solution to soak it in overnight. 

I am SO going to rock the turkey thing this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Rock Band 2…


for the Wii…

in time for Christmas…?


Yeah.  Not going well.   We may have to go old school and get the first Rock Band.  Poor kids.  What a deprived life they lead.


So there is this show on Noggin called Toot & Puddle.  And while it’s a very nice show that is popular with the four year old crwod, I can’t help but giggle at the title.  To me, toot and puddle are words that make me think of, well… bodily functions and fluids.

It must be the twelve year old in me that finds it so funny.  I spend all day trying to discourage a classroom full of four year olds from using potty words, and then along comes this show.  Now they all tell me every day about the episode of Toot they watched today. 

Thanks, Noggin.