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In my last post I just happened to mention in passing that I’ve been sick with a cold for what seems like forever now.  But in reality, it has been forever.  It’s been since mid-October, at least.  And while several other people have had it and then recovered, I’ve just been slogging along, coughing all the while.  As of Sunday, I really thought I had turned a corner and was getting over it.  And maybe I was.  But Monday morning came, and I was coughing all over again.  Only this time, it feels a little different; like maybe it’s a whole other cold with a different kind of hacking cough.  Oh, and a stuffy nose, for good measure.

And so I have a cold.  And all was fairly well.  (Except for the fact that I’ve missed work.)

But now my son has a cold.  And he’s running a low grade fever.  And he’s very, very tired.  I have visions of pneumonia dancing in my head.  Also, I’m thinking about all the missed school and work — especially the missed work.  It is also very torturous to have a sick child, as I’m sure many of you know.

And work…yikes.  They’re very shorthanded right now, and I’ve requested so much time off that I dread calling my boss.  As of now, I’m thinking there is going to be a classroom full of four year olds just kind of hanging out while one of their teachers is on vacation and the other is at home wishing her sick child would hurry up and get better.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  He’s not even officially sick yet.


Clearly we have a long road ahead of us.

We cleaned out the children’s rooms this summer, giving away bags full of toys they didn’t want anymore and clothes they had grown out of.  The kids were very good about deciding what to get rid of.  I had feared they would want to keep everything, but instead it was I who had to rein them in at times.  All went well.  Until…

Until my daughter was at a neighbor’s house — the same neighbor who babysits her after school everyday.  Evidently, she was playing with a hobby horse* she gave to their little four year old girl, and decided she wanted to have it back again.  A horse she more than willingly took over to the neighbor’s house to give to the little girl.  (*It is a horse head on a stick.  I don’t know if it’s really called a hobby horse because, to me, hobby horse refers to a rocking horse.  But it is entirely possible that I am wrong.  It has happened, like, once before.)

Anyway, when my husband picked her up at the end of the day, she was in tears.  Blubbering about a hobby horse.  And the babysitter/neighbor handed my husband the horse and told him he could take it back, it wasn’t a big deal.  But meanwhile, her little girl was in the other room crying and blubbering about the horse being taken away from her.  So it was a big deal.

My husband handed the horse back to our neighbor and told her to keep it.  We gave it to them, and it was theirs now.  Then he took my daughter home and talked with her about what giving means, and how it was not cool at all to want to take the horse back, especially since she hadn’t played with it in a very long time. 

He lectured.  She cried.  I came home and lectured.  She cried.  At one point he told her to think about what kind of person she wanted to be.  He told her to think about whether or not she was the kind of person who would be so selfish that she would take a toy away from a four year old who was enjoying it, or if she was the kind of person who would like to share the fun she had with a toy with her little friend.  “What kind of girl do you want to be?” he asked.

Her reply:  “The kind of girl who has a hobby horse!”

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend has been busy, yet I really feel as if I haven’t actually done much.  Along with a sick son (who is feeling much better now,) I also had a house guest, an anniversary –9 years of marriage just flew by– a birthday –happy birthday B!–  and… a lot of other things. 

But instead of telling you about any of them, I’m going to just give you a few pictures of my kids at the pool.  Because pictures are worth a thousand words, right?  And I really am feeling much too lazy to actually type any more words.

I jest. (Kinda.)

This morning when I sent my son off to school, I had a feeling he would not make it through the full day.  He had a cold coming on, but he wasn’t sick enough to warrant a full day home from school — no fever, no hacking cough.  However, he did look pretty bad.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when his teacher called me and left a message saying he was miserable, and could I pick him up?  I practically ran out of my classroom, knocking small children over in my haste to leave the preschool because my son being sick meant I got to go home early.

Sorry you’re sick, son.  Now go lay down because Mama’s got some relaxing to do.

This delicate flower is wilting.

I still haven’t adjusted to working full time.  I come home at 6:00, and my body feels like it is bedtime.  Basically, I feel like sh*t.  I must look like sh*t, too, because everyone has commented on how tired I look.  I’m met with very sympathetic gazes, and have even had one person ask if I was sick.  Hmmm… maybe I am getting sick.  Sick of this schedule.

Luckily, I’ve been spoiled enough to have a wonderful woman (my neighbor across the street) take care of my children after school.  She’s been doing their homework with them, and even brought them over to our house yesterday so they could just chill at home for a while.  She kept asking if I was sure it was okay for her to bring them to our house, and I kept reassuring her that it was fine with me.  I restrained myself from giving her the biggest bear-hug ever, but just barely.  Because all I’ve ever wanted for my kids is for them to not have to be shuttled from one loud place (ie: school) to another (ie: daycare.)  Even when she takes them to her house after school, it is a nice, quiet place for them to be.  And I like that very much.  It makes my schedule a little more bearable, knowing I don’t have to worry about them.

Instead, I just worry about ME.  And right now, I’m still in doubt as to whether or not I’ll last.  I’m much too delicate for this, or at least that’s what it feels like so far.

They’re clean, but at what price?

We have a situation here at our house. 

It has reached code red, level 10, big frickin’ problem status.

It is a situation that is going to require some relearning of skills and a lot of monitoring on my part.  (And that’s just what I need: more work.  Because I don’t have near enough on my plate already.)

The situation is this: my children go through a bottle of shampoo a week.

Now, I know that it may not sound like much of a problem to you, but I’m being slowly put into the poor house, one bottle of shampoo at a time. 

People, I’m buying obscene amounts of shampoo!

I have tried and tried to show the children exactly how much shampoo they should use at a time.  But somehow, the many demonstrations and examples have not left a lasting impression on their brains because it is Monday and they have already used the whole bottle of shampoo that I bought them last week!  How much shampoo can a four foot tall child use?!  (A lot, evidently.)

I suspect the main culprit is my daughter, she of the hair that never used to get clean because she never used enough shampoo to actually make any bubbles in her hair.  I think she has gone from one extreme to the other.  My main clue is that she emerges from the bathroom after her shower, and the whole house smells like a salon.  Her hair is now gleaming-ly clean.  And yet I don’t feel any better about her hair washing habits.

My husband suggested I go to the warehouse club and buy them a big honkin’ bottle of shampoo.  And that sounds like a good suggestion.  But the problem is, they cannot maneuver those huge bottles with their little hands.  And my son, well, it’s questionable whether or not he’d be able to even lift the bottle, period, much less tip it over and pour anything out. 

So I guess I’m on the hunt for some sort of shampoo rationing device.  Something that pours out the perfect amount of shampoo each time, like that kid’s mouthwash that measures out the exact amount needed by just squeezing the bottle.  Do they make those for shampoo?  And if not, would somebody please get to work on that, pronto?  My wallet would be forever grateful.


My daughter is a wee bit dramatic.  And by wee bit, I mean a whole heck of a lot. 

So today when she declared that she didn’t feel well, I wasn’t sure if it was just her way of saying she didn’t want to do anything or if she was really sick.  Absent a fever or any actual throw-up, I can never tell with her.  I decided just to play along, and told her she needed to go home right away and get into bed.  I figured that if she was being over-dramatic, she would declare herself well in a short period of time and get out of bed, and if she was truly sick, well, then some bed rest would do her some good. 

I was leaning towards her just being dramatic again and not actually being sick.

Well… she promptly went to bed and fell asleep.  And then when she called me up to her room I thought for sure she would ask to get up, but instead she asked for a drink.  And when I offered her water, she didn’t try to change the order to juice.  So then I thought that maybe she really wasn’t feeling well.  And being the pushover mom that I am, I got her some water and brought her a DVD player so she could watch movies in bed.

Either she really is feeling sick, or she’s having the best lazy day ever.  I may never know which.