Numbers, schmumbers.

I’ve been sitting here trying to work out a “workable budget” that we can somehow use to get ourselves on the right track, financially, and I simply cannot look at another dollar sign without my head exploding.  This whole budget thing is so daunting.  And those people who tell you it is easy are lying through their teeth.  It is hard to look at the numbers and not immediately want to A) earn more money and B) never buy anything again because have you seen how much money you spend at the grocery store lately?  Also, how much money does the health insurance company need?  Because by my estimates, it shouldn’t cost that much for them to tell me, “No.”  And cable, oh my goodness… the cable bill is obscene.

Money has always been an issue for us.  There have been times that we’ve had money to blow — and blow it we usually did — and other times when we’ve wondered how on earth we’d manage to make it to the end of the month with a minus sign in front of our checking account balance.  Once upon a time we had no health insurance, no jobs, and two children.  We made it through that time, thank goodness, and now we earn more money and no longer have minus signs on our checking account.  But we also now have to pay for the health inurance and the two children keep growing and eating, and it seems like we still have the same amount of extra money at the end of the month — which is zero.  And do you know how frustrating that is?

So I decided that I would make a budget to help us manage our money in a better way.  But every time I think I have gotten every category and cent accounted for, I find another reciept or bill that I had forgotten about, and then I have to go back and re-work the numbers.  And I’m tired of looking at the numbers.  Besides, those numbers, they never work out the way I want them to.  And my budget just doesn’t seem very workable to me. 

Screw it, I’m going to get a drink and watch Spongebob.  Whose with me?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on 07/29/2008 at 9:39 pm

    what kind of a drink are we talking about? 😉


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