Program? What program?

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and upload some pictures from my camera immediately after taking them.  This is unusual because I usually wait a month or two to upload any pictures.  I wait because I like to be surprised by what I see.  Or maybe because I’m lazy.  Whichever.  But anyway… I decided to upload the pictures, so I went to my computer, and took my little mouse pointer over to the menu to open my camera software, and saw that there was nothing there.

Nothing.  There.

All of my programs, from my camera software to Works, were gone.  GONE.  They were completely wiped clean, and there was no saving them.

B and I spent an afternoon trying to figure out what happened and recover what we could.  Unfortunately, there was nothing to recover.  So I spent the rest of the evening reloading Windows onto my computer.  And then I reloaded drivers.  And then I spent an hour trying to get my anti-virus software onto the computer without having to pay for it again.  And then… well, let’s just say it took a while.

Now I’m back up and running, but afraid that the next time I try to open a program I’ll see that same horrible blank space because I have no idea what happened.


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