I had every intention of coming back here and writing a separate post for each thing that made me angry this weekend.  And it seems like there were several things that pushed my buttons.  However, now that time has passed and the anger has dulled, I just can’t seem to bring myself to write a whole long post detailing each incident.  Instead, I’ll give it to you in a nutshell.

I took my son to get his hair cut on Saturday.  We had painstakingly grown out his hair — through the awful, ugly grow-out stage — and now it was finally lying flat against his head.  However, it was looking a little more than shaggy, and just needed to be cleaned up around the edges, and brought out of his eyes.  I thought the hairdresser understood what I wanted, but I was mistaken.  She gave him a squared off mullet with bangs only covering the top third of his forehead, if you can imagine that.  And when I gently tried to ask that she make it a little less squared off and less mullet-ish, she told me that she couldn’t do it and still keep it long.  When I told her just to go short — because there really was no saving it at that point — she argued with me.  (Let me also say, she was very pregnant, and very uncomfortable looking.  She let out big puffs of breath, and appeared to be suffering from sort sort of pregnancy related ailment — gas, or kicking baby, or even something else — and acted as if me asking her to even out the different lengths of hair on my child’s head was too much.  I wanted to just tell her to give it up, go sit down and let someone else finish his haircut.  But she was determined, I guess.)  She them proceeded to hold my child’s head much too roughly and managed to cut his ear.  Long story short, I was angry.  I left immediately and bought some clippers at Target.  I took the child home and finished his hair myself.  It is now short.  And I seethed.  Oh, how I seethed. 

(This was at Sport Clips, in case you wanted to know.)

Then the bank made me oh so angry.  You see, I have two different accounts at the bank.  Each serves it own purpose.  And when I transferred some money out of our checking account into the other account, everything was fine.  When I tried to access the money in the other account, the bank would not let me.  They told me there was a hold on that account for inactivity.  They could not take the hold off, they said, unless I was present at my home branch, meaning the branch I started my account in.  And that branch is in Tennessee.  The problem was, I no longer live in Tennessee.  Also, the little issue of inactivity really made me angry, because wasn’t depositing money into that account activity?  (And it took me a whole day’s worth of phone calls for them to even tell me why the hold was placed.)  So, to make yet another long story short, I made several phone calls, may have faked a few crying spells, but I finally got the hold removed and was allowed to access my money. 

(This was at BB&T.  I hate them, and I am not afraid to name names.  However, they seem to have a hold on me because my choices seem to be them or Bank of America, and all I can say is YIKES.)

So I had a lot of anger rolling around inside of me.  And I think it has worn me out.  I’m just trying to relax now, and not even sweat the small stuff.  It takes much too much energy to be angry, and I don’t like it.  Besides, the kids only have a little over a week left of school, and I only have a week left of work.  Soon it will be time to relax for a while, and I’m looking forward to it.


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