This is why I don’t like the phone.

There was a message on my answering machine this afternoon from the lady I was supposed to interview with at the Autism Society tomorrow afternoon.  She said she’d like to reschedule the meeting for Thursday or Friday afternoon.  The only problem is, I cannot DO Thursday or Friday afternoon.  In fact, in order for me to do the interview tomorrow afternoon, I had to get B to reschedule some appointments, the people I babysit for had to reschedule their afternoon, and I was even going to pick my kids up from school early.  It takes an awful lot for me to get an afternoon off, is what I’m saying.

So I called her back and got her voicemail.  I proceeded to leave the most awkward voicemail ever.  I rambled about not being able to do the interview on either Thursday or Friday, and also how it took a lot of rescheduling to get Wednesday off, but I could reschedule for another time, and then I continued to stutter about nothing really for a minute before practically shouting my phone number into the phone and hanging up because I JUST NEEDED MY MOUTH TO STOP TALKING.  (I’m sure she’ll listen to her voicemail and see me as perfectly calm and stable.)

Now I am absolutely horrified that I even called and left a message at all.  Also, I now have NO IDEA whether or not I’ll be doing my interview tomorrow.  I mean, was her calling to, and I quote, “…see if we can reschedule” just her way of seeing if there would be a better time because she’d prefer another, or was it her way of saying she absolutely cannot do the interview tomorrow?  And when will I find out?  Because it’s now 5:34 PM, and I have not heard from her again.  The control freak in me is, well, FREAKING OUT.  

Not good.  NOT good.

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