If you spoke with me sometime yesterday — either in person, on the phone, or via the computer — and I somehow said something curt or rude, I apologize. Yesterday was just one of those days. I’m sure I didn’t mean to piss anyone off, but it just came naturally.

Last night I had an enjoyable evening, and it really helped calm my emotional self down. I sent any and all of the kids’ friends home by 6:30, and played board games with my kids. Then I sent them to bed. B was out of town, so I had an evening of reading and quiet-ness, which is exactly what I needed to regain some composure and insight.

I realized that I did not necessarily have to be so frustrated by others. I came to the conclusion that some people are just not considerate, and I shouldn’t take it personally. I also realized that maybe I was not being as considerate as I should, and I should try harder in general. Forgiveness and kindness — that’s what it’s all about, right?

Unfortunately, I was not feeling much kindness when I took my kids to school this morning. I had asked my son if he had his math worksheets in his backpack, and he said, “I don’t remember.” So I asked him to check, twice. And when he declared he did not in fact have his worksheet, I was a little less than kind while muttering about having to turn around to get the sheet. Then I had the brilliant idea to have my daughter check his backpack, because my son is — how do I say this — less than thorough. And, lo and behold, the sheet was there. Oh, and again I was less than kind. (Not berating, but also not using my nice voice while telling him he has to try a little harder, and FOCUS!)

So I’ll keep repeating today’s mantra to myself — forgiveness and kindness, forgiveness and kindness. And I’ll remember to apologize to my son later this afternoon. I hope he can practice the same forgiveness and kindness I’m striving to use.


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