I spent a good part of my time paying bills online yesterday afternoon.  It’s amazing that with just a few clicks you can manage to wipe out an entire paycheck.  Just clickety-click-click and POOF! 


Also amazing?  One trip to the gas station and grocery store can wipe out the entirety of the other paycheck.  A weeks worth of work gone in a half hour.


This morning I dressed myself in brown pants and a leafy-print green shirt.  While driving down the road I idly wondered to myself if my clothes matched and I said to myself well, brown and green are together all the time, just look around.  And it was then that I realized that I had dressed myself up to look exactly like  a TREE. 


My children consult me about the weather each morning so as to know what kind of clothes to put on.  This morning my daughter asked me if she could wear a certain pair of capri pants and I told her I didn’t think she should.  I told her to wear another pair of pants because it was going to warm up later in the week and she might want to wear those pants then, so she should save them.  She then started in with the whining and whys.  And being her mother, I knew that it was only going to get worse.  I may not understand what makes my daughter tick, but I sure do understand her patterns of behavior and I knew the whining was just the prelude to a giant crying-fest.  So in my defense, I knew that what was coming next and I had already jumped there in my mind.  I say that so maybe you’ll understand why I screamed, “Wear the gosh darned* capris!” when she hadn’t even launched into a full fledged fit yet.  She was a little shocked that I had yelled.  I just skipped right over step one and step two — the repeating of directions and the stern warning — and went right into the mom freak-out stage. 

And did she wear the capris?  No.  Instead she wore the jeans that are too small and have a hole in the knee.  I think she figured I would tell her to go change and then she would tell me she had nothing but the capris to wear.  But, instead, I sent her to school in the jeans. 

I’m all about being unpredictable today.

* I didn’t really say gosh darned.  I said something much worse.  And I’m not proud of it.


I’ve been trying to get in touch with a lady at the kids’ school.  And after repeated messages she finally returned my phone call this morning.  Of course, it would be the one morning I forgot to bring my cell phone with me.  So I called her back.  And left a message.


The dog courtesy station (AKA poop trashcan) in our neighborhood was out of the poop bags it normally stocks this morning.  So I had to use a plastic grocery bag.  All well and good.  Until, that is, I reached down and picked the poop up and felt something warm and squishy touch my bare skin.  The darn bag a hole in it.  And I touched poop.

It’s been that kind of morning.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Husband on 04/23/2008 at 1:19 pm

    Yuck, you touched poop!!!


  2. Posted by Tia on 04/23/2008 at 11:16 pm

    I’m just sitting here laughing because this whole blog is my week in a nut shell. Well I’m not dressed like a tree but I do resemble a kleenex thanks to Remi’s snot hole. And by the way I think brown and green totally match!
    We are finally getting some nice weather this week and Cloey is insisting that it’s way to hot for capris and she needs shorts to wear or she might die from the heat.(and flipflops!!) Hello… it’s not even humid yet!
    And my poop was just baby poop but it is still poop.


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