Ugh. Jobs.

I just spoke with someone about the possibility of keeping their child once my current gig is over with.  And let me tell you, I hate doing this kind of thing.  I hate searching for a job.  I hate being interviewed.

I see it as such a personal thing, this whole job interview process.  And if they don’t choose to hire me I see at as a personal rejection.  Sometimes, it is a very personal rejection.  They may not like me.  (I know, I know — who wouldn’t like ME?)  Or maybe the decision is not something personal at all, but based more on something such as location or money.  But still, I don’t take rejection well.

I worry so much about making a good impression.  I mean, how do you convey such things as how responsible you are, how much you love children, how really good you are at being a caretaker?   How do you say choose me, choose me without actually jumping up and down and literally saying it?  How?!? 

Oh, and the whole money thing is particularly excruciating for me.  When faced with the “how much do you charge” question, I totally freeze up.  I low balled myself last time around, and this time I think I may have gotten the rate just right.  But I don’t know what this person can afford, and I hope I didn’t just completely scare them off.  Because, honestly, if it came down to me working for less or not working at all, I may just be willing to work for Doritos and a few shiny trinkets.

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