This week has been simultaneously really long and very short.  Really, it has.  If you would have asked me at the beginning of the week, I would have told you that the weekend seemed to be light years away, but now that it’s Friday, it seems to all have flown by.  I think it has a lot to do with B being out of town the whole first half of the week, and the weather getting warmer and sunnier the second half.  Something about the sun coming out always makes the day move faster and everything just flows better.

I’m sitting here, deeply ensconsed in a yippie, it’s Friday kind of mood and enjoying my morning.  Of course, it helps that I only have one child to look after this very minute.  Having only one child means you can put on Thomas the Tank Engine and gain 15 minutes of sitting still time.  It’s amazing.  And while having a group of children means you can enjoy some sitting still time while they all play together, it also guarantees you will pay for that time by having to stop the inevitable fight.  Because the fight/argument/tattling session is guaran-damn-teed.  It, too, is amazing.

Aaaand now I must go.  My 15 minutes is ending.  But that’s okay, because the sun is out, and I think I’ll go enjoy some nice weather.

Have a good weekend!


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