Blingo — my search engine of choice because there’s a chance I might win something when I search — has changed from being “powered by Google” to being “powered by Yahoo” and the change really, well… sucks, to put it bluntly.  I much prefer to search via Google.  And while I guess Yahoo has a very serviceable search engine, it does not have the “did you mean _____” option that Google gives me when I misspell a word.  (And I misspell many words.)

So, Blingo, I am very upset with you. 


Putting an eye patch over my son’s right eye seems to have turned on his constant speak button.  What, you didn’t even know he had a constant speak button?  Neither did I.  But it is surely flipped to ON.  And now I’m kind of wishing we could flip it back off again.  Speaking with him can be a wonderful thing, but speaking with him about Naruto can be very tiresome. 

Guess what he constantly wants to talk about.


My dog has had diarrhea.  And gas.

Enough said.


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