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Y’all, B was disappointed that there was nary a word said about his (sarcastic) post yesterday.  No email.  No comments.  Nothing.  I fear it may have come across as actual crazy instead of just jokingly crazy.  It didn’t, did it?  I mean, yes, we did tell them about the Easter Bunny, but no we really didn’t fear a bunny in league with Satan. 

The kids took the information well.  In fact, they had just recently spent valuable homework time discussing whether or not an actual man dressed as a bunny comes into their house at night and leaves treats.  The idea started to freak them the heck out, so I think them knowing that the Easter Bunny is a source of fun for younger children — but not an actual thing — has helped ease their minds.  We still had an egg hunt, plenty of chocolate, and we let them pick out their own toys at the store — which, by the way, was the most brilliant idea ever, because they got exactly what they wanted, and it was nothing that I would have picked out for them.  So we’re all happy.


It’s spring break week here, and I think I’m going to go crazy.  I know there are some of you who have more than two children around you all the time and you survive it, but I rarely have to spend an entire day with all of the children (mine and the two I babysit) and the fact that they are all here, all the time, makes me more than a little insane.  I wonder why it is they feel they have to yell all of the time.  Why?


My son is doing well with his eye patch and contact lens.  He did lose the first lens on the very first day — and we have no earthly idea where it went — but otherwise he’s adapted well.  After taking the eye patch off on the first day he wore it for the entire day, he declared that the world looked, “So big, Mom!”  He’s been riding his bike, playing video games, and doing everything in his usual way.  It hasn’t slowed him down one bit.  (Thank goodness.)


My daughter is going to sleep over at her friends house tonight, and it is only her second ever sleep-over.  So I’m alternating between being excited for her — and me — and also being worried that she’ll be homesick and cry.  I’m glad she has a good friend that she enjoys spending time with.  But there’s just something not right about her not being here.


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  1. Posted by Tia on 03/25/2008 at 3:11 pm

    I was actually trying to think of a way for B to break the news to Cloey for me. She questioned the whole Santa thing this year and I told her we would talk later, ya know so I did’nt have to break my heart right before Christmas! But the Easter Bunny, no clue!
    Lucky me we don’t have spring break so I get to wait a little bit before the full on yelling starts!
    Be sure to let that boy know that I know what it’s like to wear the patch. And also what nice parents he has for not making him wear the coke bottle glasses!
    Hope you all have a great week and I hope Miss E has fun on her sleepover!


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