Not suitable for children.

What did we do this weekend?  Well, B decided it was time to sit the kids down for a hard talk.  I told him I was having no part of it, and if he wanted to tell them, he could do it solo.  So he gathered them into the living room and I stayed in the kitchen and…. well, I’ll let him tell it.  Here’s a repost from his blog:

It is done!!!

The myth of the Easter Bunny has been removed from our house. No longer do our kids wonder how this humanoid like rabbit manages to leave baskets of goodies in the house. I told them the truth! There is no such thing as an Easter Bunny and that is that. Do not feel sorry for these children for they are spoiled beyond belief. They may get treats, oh yes, but they will not come from a rabbit, but from loving parents, damn it.

Why do we lie to our children? Why do we guard our house from intruders except on certain holidays? Why are these pagan beings able to enter our domicile unchecked and unnoticed? What if the Easter Bunny went mad or fell in league with Satan? It would be a massacre waiting to happen. Well not on my watch, motherfucker!!

Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus you’re next!!!!

Happy Easter everyone

And let me tell you, I did not enjoy this.  I was not ready for anyone to start with the hard questions.  I figured that the kids would put two and two together and begin to question all the holiday “mascots.”  But they didn’t.  Except for my son.  He came up with one question, and I cringed to hear what the next words out of his mouth would be.  “Well, what about…” he started.  But he finished with something totally unexpected.  He said, “What about St. Patrick’s Day?”


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