Finally Friday.

To say this week has been just plain weird is an understatement.  I sort of feel like I’ve been walking through it as if in a dream — it’s all hazy and doesn’t make a lot of sense — and can’t wait for the weekend to come.

We’ve had the issues with the dog (see yesterday’s post.)  When I realized she was going into heat, I wondered exactly how long this would last.  I don’t know why I assumed we would only have a week or so of her being in this condition, other than maybe I just went with the information I knew.  But did you know that while us people endure a week or so of this kind of thing, dogs go through it for approximately 21 days.  21 days!  I can’t walk her around the neighborhood in case we run into a male dog.  I have to either keep the diaper on her or follow her around to clean up any, um, discharge (ewwwww) and sit through endless hours of her licking herself.  And it’s the licking sound I can’t stand.  The endless schlurp schlurp schlurp.  God, it’s driving me crazy.

One of the boys I babysit has had a cold that evolved into a double ear infection.  He’s been feverish and lethargic, and I forget how hard it is to get anything done when you’ve got a small child attached to you.  I’ve been going to bed with horrible backaches because he’s wanted me to carry him nonstop.  And, man, that boy is getting big.  Also, he’s been reverting back to the simple forms of entertainment.  Instead of racing around the house (or outside,) throwing balls and laughing nonstop, he’s been wanting to watch Thomas the Tank Engine on a continuous loop.  Also, I’ve spent more time than I’d like playing Where did your hand go?  Trying to muster enthusiasm for the umpteenth time while a toddler pulls his hand inside his sleeve and says, “Uh-oh!” is hard.  I work hard, people.

And we’ve been having to deal with my daughter, who while a delightful girl, has taken to lying when she is faced with something that makes her nervous.  Or scared.  Or may end up being troublesome for her.  She has lied to us about simple things.  Nothing big…yet.  The worst time was last night when B faced her and told her he promised that she would not get into trouble if she told him the truth; he told her he thought she was lying, but if she looked him in the eye and told him the truth, he would not be angry, he would be proud.  And she told him a lie.  He came downstairs and told me he believed her.  He said she swore she was telling the truth, and he believed what she was saying.  I told him I knew it was a lie.  I knew because I saw what had happened with my own eyes.  It hurt his feeling greatly to know she had continued to lie to him.  And so I went upstairs and told her that I knew.  Eventually, she ‘fessed up to me.  But I think that if I didn’t know, she would have stuck to her story.  I wonder how we can stop this before it gets even bigger.  She’s seven now.  I don’t even want to know what it’ll be like ten years from now.

B’s work has been stressful.  Aaaaand that’s all I’m going to say about it because it’s not my information to tell.   But it’s been a rough week.

I’ve been searching for another job.  Well, searching may be the wrong word.  I’ve been looking at what’s advertised and thinking about what I might like to pursue.  And let me tell you, there are a plethora of people out there who want you to care for their children, but they don’t want you to bring your own children along.  And while I get what they’re saying — they want their child to be the sole focus of a nanny’s attention — I don’t see me putting my children in a daycare-like setting so I can give one on one attention to another person’s child.  You know?  So I’ve been a little disheartened.  I’m also scared spitless about something new.  I don’t always like all aspects of my current situation, but it’s the evil I know…

Today I am going to chaperone a field trip for my son’s class.  I’m not looking forward to it, mainly because I’m not looking forward to dealing with some of the nazi-moms who seem to flock to this school and always volunteer for these kinds of things.  But I told my children last year, after they went through the whole school year without me volunteering in their classroom because of my work, that I would chaperone one field trip each.  I would give them that much.  I sure do wish I could give them more, but that’s a whole other post that will lead to a discussion on time and money, and I’m not going there right now. 

Oh, anyway, have a good Friday.  And an even better weekend.  I know I will.

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