100 things about me. (In no particular order.)

Lately I’ve been having trouble sitting down and writing.  Putting cohesive thoughts down on paper (or screen) has not been something I’ve been able to do either because I’ve been physically busy, or my mind has not been able to slow down enough to focus on one thing.  So — and you know this if you’re on my email list — I’ve been doing those survey thingies that go around via email.  And I hardly ever do those kinds of things.  Today, in an effort to spare you guys yet another junk email from me, I’m going to post my 100 Things list.  And you know, when I started writing it I got to number 24 or so and wondered what on earth I would write for the rest.  But it ended up being much easier than I thought, and I think I could have written 100 more random things about me.  Maybe that means I am complex.  Or maybe it just means I can talk a lot. 

So without further ado, here’s my list: 

1.  I am a creature of habit.

2.  Babies and small children used to make me uncomfortable.

3.  When I had my first child, I realized that I loved children.

4.  Now my job centers around children.  And I’m good at it.

5.  I don’t have a hometown.

6.  I would love to have a hometown.

7.  I love the Beastie Boys.  (In spite of all their preaching.)

8.  I used to hate the color purple, but now I’m warming up to it.

9.  Same with pink.

10.  My ninth grade class — which was the entire ninth grade of my school — had seven people in it.  There were only six people until a new student came in January of that year.

11.  I went to a boarding school from tenth grade on.

12.  I’m double jointed in two fingers on my left hand and three fingers on my right hand.

13.  I am not extremely flexible.  I am, in fact, very inflexible.

14.  I love to read magazines from cover to cover.  Literally.

15.  I love to read romantic suspense novels.  Some people think they are trashy.  I do, too.

16.  I often find myself correcting grammatical errors in books.

17.  I make grammatical errors ALL THE TIME.

18.  I hate to proofread my own writing.

19.  My husband has a motorcycle.  (Okay, I know that’s not about ME.)

20.  I won’t ride his motorcycle.  I won’t even sit on it while it’s running.  (THAT’S about me.)

21.  I love sushi.

22.  I love sashimi.

23.  I love Japanese food, period.

24.  Did I mention that I am half Japanese?

25.  The other half of me is Anglo-Saxon/Germanic.

26.  I also like schnitzel.

27.  But not beer.

28.  I do not drink any alcohol.

29.  I do not smoke.  Never have, never will.

30.  I have a “thing” about being on time.

31.  People who are late — especially to an appointment with me — irritate me beyond belief.

32.  Also irritating:  people who feel entitled.

33.  Once upon a time I wanted to live in NYC and have a penthouse suite.

34.  Now I can think of nothing more horrible for me than to live in NYC on top of a tall building.

35.  I am horribly scared of heights.

36.  I am also scared of the phone.

37.  I do not like to answer the phone, and will let it ring and ring until my husband answers it.

38.  When he is not here, I often let the machine get it.

39.  Also, I am afraid of making small talk.

40.  Because of that, I have a little bit of social anxiety.

41.  Okay, a lotta bit of social anxiety.

42.  But I am a very friendly person.

43.  I wish I was tall and willowy.

44.  Instead, I am short and curvy.

45.  I love chocolate.  The darker the better.

46.  I love mint even more.  The mintier, the better.

47.  My favorite movie is Say Anything.

48.  I wanted to be Diane Court.  (Minus the embezzling father, of course.)

49.  I was raised by my father from the age of five onward.

50.  I used to make him Mother’s Day cards.  But for some reason I stopped.  (Maybe I should start again.)

51.  If I could choose anywhere in the world to live, it would probably be England.

52.  My husband would probably not choose the same.

53.  I lived in England for five years.  (That’s where my boarding school was.  Also, my school with only seven ninth graders.)  And a while before that, Scotland.  Also, Guam and Japan.  And Iowa and Maryland.

54.  When I graduated from high school, I had lived overseas for more years than I had lived in the US.

55.  Now, I haven’t even been on a plane for, let’s see here, nine years.  NINE YEARS!

56.  I miss the travelling I used to do.

57.  I desperately want to go to Ireland.

58.  Also, New Zealand.

59.  Oh, and Northern California.

60.  I have awful cravings for those ice cream cones that are pre-packaged.  You know, the ones in the sugar cones with the choclate lining and the nuts on top that you find in your grocery store?  I call them Nutty Buddies, even though I know they are no longer called that.

61.  I will eat a whole box of them in one sitting.

62.  I will also make myself sick off of them.

63.  Also, I have been known to eat a whole box of Kudos.

64.  Oh, and jalapeno cream cheese poppers, too.  I LOVE those. 

65.  I drink more coffee than should be legal.

66.  I have had to make my coffee with 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular because I used to get the shakes from all the caffeine.

67.  I do not know the difference between calzones and strombolis.  But I know I like them both.

68.  I am awful at sports.

69.  I am right handed, but my left eye is my dominant one.  I have never learned to compensate for that, and therefore cannot catch or throw anything, nor can I hit a target with any accuracy.

70.  I know that saying that is a cop-out.  Yet I still say it’s the reason I am not coordinated.

71.  I love to watch Family Guy.

72.  I especially love it when Stewie says, “What the deuce?”

73.  I have a very crude and simple sense of humor.

74.  I took both French and German in high school, yet I cannot even ask a simple question in either language.

75.  I did not retain a lot of what I learned in high school.

76.  I love to take baths.

77.  Well, I love to take a bath and read.  Just lying in a bathtub bores me silly.

78.  I am allergic to penicillin.

79.  I found that out when I got an ear infection during a trip to Budapest.

80.  Well, actually, the ear infection started on a plane trip to Germany.  The doctor there prescribed me antibiotics.  It was during a short trip to Budapest that I broke out in hives all over from the penicillin.

81.  Being covered in hives while you are in Budapest is not fun.

82.  I have been to:  Scotland, England, Guam, Japan, France, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Wales, The Netherlands, Belgium, and of course the USA.  (It doesn’t seem like a whole lot of places now that I think about it.  Maybe I forgot a few.)

83.  I wish I had been to more places.

84.  People have mispronounced my name all my life.

85.  I have heard it said incorrectly for so long now, I answer to anything that is even remotely close to the correct pronunciation.

86.  I always wanted to be named something that could be shortened into a boy’s name, like Samantha.

87.  I grew to love that name from watching too many episodes of Who’s The Boss.

88.  I used to be told I resembled Alyssa Milano.

89.  I also used to be told I resembled Winnie Cooper.  (Sorry, but I cannot remember the name of that actress.)

90.  I did not think I looked like either one of those people.  Well, except for the brown hair and brown eye thing.

91.  I love dogs.  I do not, however, like cats.

92.  Reptiles scare me.  And birds, too.

93.  I am also kind of freaked out by small dogs who have tiny sharp teeth.

94.  I love big, stocky, muscular dogs like rottweilers and pit bulls.

95.  Apparently, I also have a thing for big, stocky, muscular men.

96.  I have a celebrity crush on Ben Affleck.  (Even though he is not very stocky or muscular.)

97.  I even liked him when he was dating JLo.

98.  I also like Matt Damon.

99.  But I don’t know if I would like either of them in real life.  I have a thing in my head about what their personalities are, and it is not based on any sort of fact.

100.  I have a lot of things in my head that are not based on any sort of facts.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on 03/04/2008 at 12:03 pm

    i read them all and was suprised when i was at 100 already!!! =)

    p.s. time to get on a plane!!!! and i know where you should fly to…..


  2. Posted by Lindsey on 03/04/2008 at 10:21 pm

    that was pretty cool! My mom has the whole social anxiety thing too!It runs in my family, I have not gotten it “yet.” I envy all the places you’ve been that I will never go, I just can’t do planes. It’s not that I don’t like them, they just bother my ears horribly. Thanks for sharing all that info!!


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