What’s your type?

Yesterday I saw an article on Slate.com that had the author applying the basics of the Myers Briggs personality tests to the current Presidential hopefuls.  I found it to be an interesting read.  Some of the information had me nodding my head in agreement, because those were the impressions I had of the candidates, also.  But just as a warning, let me tell you that Slate can lean a little to the left — although they may deny doing so — and therefore those of you who get angered when reading or supporting anything left-leaning may not want to go read the article.  (I’m looking at you, Dad.)

While I just found the article kind of fun, it didn’t get me thinking any more about politics.  Instead, it got me thinking about what my personality type would be.  I remember taking a Myers Briggs assessment sometime in school.  The guidance counselor used it to help guide us in our career paths.  And while I do not remember what my “type” was back then, when I took it again it told me my type is ISTJ.  (You can go here to take the test I took.  It’s an abbreviated version, but I think it’s fairly accurate.

The ISTJ is known as The Duty Fulfiller or The Inspector.  (Sounds like the kind of person you’d want to invite to your party, huh.)  And while I may not think it’s got the most exciting of descriptions, I do agree that the traits described fit me perfectly.  (Did you read it?  And those of you who know me, don’t you agree?  Is that just me, or what?!)

This, specifically, is what my husband would read and then jump up and down and scream, “That is her!  Yes.  That.  Is.  Her.” :  ISTjs like to collect reference material, encyclopaedias and dictionaries. They will never admit that they do not know something within the field of their activity. When they buy new appliances they always read the manual before using them even if the operations are obvious. At home they regimented in an almost military fashion. Every item has it’s own specific place and they look after and take care of all their things. ISTjs can become very irritated and angry if somebody changes or interrupts this specific order or treats their possessions improperly.

And, also, I was very interested to read this about perfect mates for my personality type: […] finds his or her opposite on the intuitive side: the ENFP. Perhaps he senses in the ENFP’s desire to spread the word something similar to the ESFP’s desire to put on a show. Certainly the vivacity and sparkle is apparent in both, an attribute which must be quite enchanting to the sober and careful ISTJ

Guess which type B is.  Yup, he’s an ENFP.

What type are you?


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  1. Oh! I love the Myers-Briggs stuff.. I’m an INTJ, which is “the Scientist” (if I remember correctly). One day, my boss asked me what my M-B was and when I told him he just looked at me and said, “oh, so you’re a bossy introvert.”

    yup, pretty much.

    FYI, another great tool is Strengths Finder (https://www.strengthsfinder.com/)..


  2. thank you, bro


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  5. i am gonna show this to my friend, brother


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