Finally, I’m here.

I have been trying to post something — anything — here all day long.  But whenever I typed in, my computer laughed at me.  Seriously.  It has an evil laugh, too.  I am convinced that this computer has it in for me. 

My beloved laptop is with B, and is out of town at the very minute.  I hope he’s enjoying himself while he surfs the Internet on a computer that does what you ask it to do.  Because I am left at home with the bastard computer — oh yes, I said it — and it is not fun.  This computer moves so slowly, I keep getting up and leaving the room while it decides whether or not it will open up a page.  And when I come back, there’s a fifty percent chance it didn’t open the page and is instead busy laughing at me.

So that’s all you’re getting from me today.  This is all I can type.  I have had it with trying to do anything with Slow Bastard here — I’m naming it that; it has quite a ring to it, don’t you think? — and I’m just going to go amuse myself elsewhere.

Happy Tuesday.


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