It has a flavor.

So yesterday I tried to make something with vegetables hidden in it.  How did it go?  Nobody in my family went near them.

Both kids looked at the orange concoction rolled up in a tortilla, and decided to stay far, far away from anything that didn’t come pre-made in a box or bag.  They knew, just knew, that there would be something not quite right with what I was trying to give them.  B was a good sport, and tried a bite.  He grimaced and said, “There’s something in this… Some kind of flavor that’s not good.”  And he handed me back the tortilla roll.  The poor man had no idea what was in it, and I feel guilty for tricking him. 

So here’s the truth — because we’re all adults, and I feel like we can handle the truth — if you put an ingredient in a recipe, an ingredient with a flavor, then that very flavor will be detectable in your recipe.  You know?  So when you make chicken tortilla rolls with squash and carrots, you will taste the squash and carrots.  It’s a simple concept, and I don’t know why I was convinced I could suspend reality and make something with ingredients we really don’t like the flavor of, and it would be yummy.

Oh, but wait, let me backup a second.  I like the tortilla rolls.  I mean, I wouldn’t request them as my last meal or anything, but I’ll eat a couple of them here and there.  No problem.  Sure, you can taste the squash and carrots — although, more so squash and less so carrots, even though there’s a half cup of each in the recipe —  but you can also taste the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and chicken.  And if you happened to cover them in a spicy cream sauce, it would be even better.  But that would defeat the whole healthy part of the meal, so I won’t do it.  (Mostly because I do not know how to make a spicy cream sauce.)  That being said, I have a whole gallon sized ziplock bag filled with the suckers, and if I ate all of them, they’d turn me orange from all the vitamin A.  So if you’d like to try them, come on over.  I’ll share.

Anyway, my first attempt was a failure.  But I’m trying again.  Because I didn’t learn my lesson, evidently.  I keep thinking that maybe, maybe, there’s still something yummy I can make.  So let’s see here… oh, Aloha Chicken, here I come.

Oh, and also, if you roast a whole butternut squash just to get the 1/2 cup you need for a recipe, you will have a sh*tload of squash leftover.  Just for your information.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dad on 02/16/2008 at 11:59 am

    I seem to remember my mom would trot out something not meat and potatoes every once and a while. I also seem to remember that she ended up eating all of it every time. (that hamburger helper you had growing up doesn’t sound so bad now, huh?)


  2. Posted by e on 02/16/2008 at 12:06 pm

    Oh, um, yeah…that hamburger helper… it still turns my stomach. Not all kinds, but that one that you used to add worchestershire (sp?) sauce to — that one still grosses me out.

    But I think it’s your job as a parent to help your children decide what exactly what it is your children DON’T like. You know, as a service to them. And I think I’m doing a whiz bang job of it.


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