It’s like I said I’d call you back, and then never did.

For the past week I’ve been occasionally stopping by here, hitting the ‘new post’ button, and then staring at the blank screen for a few minutes before finally deciding to just close the whole thing down and step away from the computer.  I’ve tried to come and write down what’s on my mind, only to not even be able to correctly identify what exactly is on my mind.  My mind, it is a pit of darkness.  Or maybe just empty space.

I’ve been stressed about nothing in particular, and everything you can imagine, all at once.  My eye started twitching, I was suffering through bouts of insomnia, and I was cranky.  And I thought that I would take it easy on myself and only do what was absolutely necessary and what I really wanted to do.  I wanted to take it easy on myself.  So, as you can imagine, there were a lot of things left undone, or only done halfway.  Things that did not get done at all included writing here and cleaning the house.  And exercising.  And eating healthy foods.  (And a whole lot more, I’m sure.)  But I think the small hiatus has helped me a little.  My eye has cut down on it’s twitching, and the past two nights have been filled with sleep.  I guess I just needed to step away for a few days.

And I may step away for a few days here and there for the next little while.  Things are still stressful — that part hasn’t gone away — but it’s nothing for y’all to worry about.  Stressful situations are not always bad.  Sometimes, they are good.  (And sometimes they just make you want to hide you head under the covers and ignore the rest of the world, but that’s a whole other post entirely.)


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