Let me know when it’s safe to look.

I tossed and turned again last night, despite B being home.  It could have been because my foot kept cramping–OUCH! and WTF?–or it could have been because my pre-bedtime TV time included watching Deal Or No Deal and actually crying from nervousness for the woman up there who was throwing away over $600,000.  Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t an either-or kind of thing, it was a combination of the two.

No more game shows for me.

Also, no more gossip sites for me. 

I’ve been logging on to my regular junkgossip haunts, and all I’ve been seeing are stories on Heath Ledger.  Stories about the prescription drugs found in his apartment, pictures of his body on a stretcher, pictures of Michelle Williams being hustled into buildings, etc… And I just can’t take it anymore.  A man has died, and I feel like the whole thing shows a lack of respect for him and his life.  It really gets my goat that they harp on the amount/kind of prescriptions in his apartment.  I mean, if someone were to go through my medicine cabinet (which is really an entire kitchen cabinet because I have THAT MUCH) they would find a whole bunch of things besides my multi-vitamin.  Would they then speculate about my possible drug use and habits?  Probably.  But it wouldn’t be plastered all over the internet and even on the Today Show.  And that is what is making me feel so very…angry(?)  I’m not even sure of the correct word here.  Maybe I should just say frustrated. 

(And I’m not even going to start in on the fact that my quest for gossip fuels this sort of thing.  I’m a hypocrite, and I know it.)

(Also, a poet, evidently.)


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