I opened up the blinds today.  I wanted to let the sunshine in and revel in the lightness and brightness of the day.  (Oh, that sounds weird.)  But instead, I saw how dirty my house had become.  I saw the dust that had accumulated on areas I never really look at.  I saw the bits of dog hair that had settled on the baseboards.  I realized that I had slowly let the house get dirtier than I would ever knowingly let it get. 

Darn sunlight.


The kids are off of school today.  They are off tomorrow, also.  And I think I’d rather they had someplace to go for a couple of hours.  Them being home makes them think they can just lounge in their pajamas all day and be brats.  I seem to think otherwise, and our thoughts about what the day should entail vary widely.

But I do enjoy them being around.  Even when they are brats. 

And I also really enjoyed not having to pack lunches and snacks this morning.


I’ve been thinking hard about going back to school.  Now, don’t get excited, I’ve just been thinking about it.  Now that it’s become much, much easier to take classes online, I’ve been giving it more thought.  I’ve been thinking about getting a teaching degree, elementary education or maybe special education.  But I just don’t know.  It’s in the serious-thinking-about stage right now.  And at any moment it could move into the all-done-thinking-about-and-doing stage or the oft-visited (for me at least) all-done-thinking-about-and-not-doing-whatintheheckwasIthinking stage.  Who knows.

B has been thinking about going back to school also.  He’s been thinking about it for several years now.  And when I mentioned that we could do it together (!) he seemed less than enthusiastic.  I think he mumbled something about me taking all the fun out of things; stealing his ideas and turning them into work.  I plead the fifth.  I have no idea what he’s talking about.  (Execpt that I often take his ideas and run with them, making them no longer fun for him because I have a tendency to become obsessed and run it into the ground.  For instance, did you know that he was the first of us to have a blog?  Yes.  And then I thought it looked like fun… and that brings us to me obsessively blogging and him, um, not.)

But I’m also considering if the cost of school is something I want to take on.  I mean, debt, sheesh, do I need any more of it?


I just read an article that said natural-born redheads could be extinct by the year 2100.  Something about it being a recessive gene and being slowly taken over by more dominant genes.  I wonder what else will not be around in the next 100 years.  Or 200 years.  What will slowly evolve and change?  I wish I could get a glimpse of the future and see.

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  1. Posted by Dad on 01/22/2008 at 12:56 pm

    I think starting an on-line school would be a natural fit for you. You have always had that teacher idea in your head. Again, a natural fit.


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