Losing does not become her.

On Saturday we took the kids up to their school’s empty parking lot so they could ride the electric scooters we gave them for Christmas.  They ride up and down our street quite often, but it’s a treat to take them somewhere else — somewhere open and empty — so they can just go wild.  And go wild they did.  They zipped and zoomed and weaved all around. 

At one point my husband said he would race them — him on foot and them on their electric scooters.  If he crossed the finish line first, they would have to clean their rooms and the living room.  If they won, they wouldn’t have to clean up a thing until the next day.  Well, the thought of not having to pick up any toys for one whole night had them eager to race.

My husband, thinking they would beat him with no problem, even let them start a little ahead of where he was standing.   I said, “Ready, set, go!” And off they went.

Only, the kids didn’t win.  My husband’s legs started pumping, and I swear the man moved faster than I’ve ever seen him move.  He raced to the finish, beating the kids.

My son took his losing like champ.  He muttered an oh man and let it go.  My daughter — that girl! — did not take losing as well.  She immediately declared, “You cheated!”  She also punctuated her declaration by bursting into tears.  Big, fat, angry tears.  She was mad, and there was no explaining the rules and the fact that my husband did not cheat to her.  She was mad she didn’t win, and that was that.

 And while I wish I had an ending to this story that illustrated our superior parenting skills by telling you how we got our daughter to calm down and not be a sore loser, I do not.  I have nothing of the sort.  We finally had to sternly tell her to just stop yelling (!) and settle down.  I do not think she will ever get the fact that sometimes she just won’t win.

The lesson here is to never challenge my daughter to a race, or anything else, for that matter.  Otherwise, if she does not win, you’ll be in for a crying and yelling fit that you would not believe. 

But on the upside, you could always tell her she won the Throwing The Best Fit contest.  She’s a shoe-in.

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