Doin’ it over and over again.

My husband spent a lot of time with a Rubik’s Cube over the Christmas holidays.  It was a present from Santa for my son, and it quickly became an obsession for B.  He was determined, determined, to solve it.  He stayed up until 3 AM one night, working and twisting and considering.  He then spent one afternoon — coming home from work and going straight from the front door to the couch, cube in hand — on the couch, trying to get those little colored squares to line back up.  He was so entranced by the cube, he didn’t even look up while I prepared dinner and the children alternated between sitting next to him and flitting through the kitchen to check and see what I was doing.  He wasn’t even aware that it had gotten dark outside, or even that time had passed.

Behold, concentration at work:

It took him a lot of hours, but only a few days, to do this:

And now we can’t stop him from doing it again and again.  In fact, my daughter has been spending a lot of her time mixing the cube up, trying to stump B and his Rubik solving ways.  And every time, he has managed to solve the puzzle. 


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  1. Posted by Dad on 01/03/2008 at 11:40 am

    Don’t tell him that some people can finish it in under a minute. It is pure mathematics so to finish it all is really an accomplishment. (I can’t)


  2. I did that once by taking the cube apart and reassembling it in the proper order. The plastic edges kind of cut into the skin though 🙂


  3. Holey moley, E! I read Pasta Queen’s blog — she’s, like, famous in the blog world and she reads YOU. Wow.
    Anyway, I was just going to say that my hubby is exactly the same way with the Rubik’s Cube I got for him for his b-day (in Nov.). He would NOT put the thing down until he solved it. It must be a guy thing – I couldn’t care less.
    : )


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