Too much makes me tired.

Our Christmas partying began on Sunday with a get-together at my husband’s grandmother’s house.  There were several aunts, uncles and cousins present, and it ended with a sugar-fueled present opening session that left the entire floor covered in wrapping paper and empty boxes.  The partying continued on Monday.  Although, we didn’t actually attend anything planned, we ran errands and went visiting and just generally had a busy time of things.  So by the time Tuesday rolled around, and Christmas day was finally here, we were tired.  But we didn’t let that slow us down.  We had a wild time here at the house, opening presents and having guests over and playing, playing, playing.

I especially had a wild time with the Wii.  I bowled, and boxed, and played baseball so much, my arms were screaming with pain the next day.   Today, finally, I can move them, but they are still sore.  And while I found that you did not have to flail around the room to play the games — you can sit and just move your arms or hands — it really isn’t as much fun.  And I’m so glad that we have it.

We begged out of a party last night — and I hope we didn’t hurt any feelings by not going — because we just couldn’t take anymore.  The kids were whiny, I couldn’t move my upper body, and B was practically sleep walking. (And that had nothing to do with him being determined to solve the Rubik’s Cube and staying up half the night working on it.  Nothing at all.)   I got the kids into bed before 8:00 last night and I swear that once I hit the pillow, I did not stir again until it was time to get up this morning.

Christmas has turned into a wild time around here.  It’s fun.  But I think my feelings today are best summed up by this picture:



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