Not here yet.

This year we did our second round of Christmas shopping online.  And, lo, it is nice to shop at your kitchen table with a cup of hot cocoa in your hand. 

What is not nice, however, is the waiting for the packages to arrive.

We shopped at  Now, if you haven’t shopped there in a while, you may not know that they are more of a “marketplace” then they were before.  You search for a toy, and they now show you all kinds of places to get that toy — not just from them, but from an assortment of other stores that Amazon now acts as a sort of clearinghouse for.  Which can be good.  But it can also be a pain in the ass. 

So we shopped.  And we ordered.  And we’ve had things come in the mail.  They’ve been trickling in for the past week;  a remote control something-or-other here, and electric something-or-other there.  The things that have come in the mail have been the things that were ordered from one of the many other shops Amazon fronts.  But the things from Amazon, well, they’re not here yet.

We’ve been obsessively tracking the packages online — I love that feature — and they are supposed to arrive today.  TODAY.  But they’re not here yet and the suspense is killing me.  Also killing me is the worry.  What if they don’t all arrive?  What if they arrive, but in several pieces?  What if the red one we ordered turns out to be pink?  What if everything BUT the one thing that is a MUST HAVE comes?  Aaaiiieeee!

So I’ve found the downside to ordering online.  It may be nice and easy, but you pay for it with anxiety in the end.

[Edited to add:  It’s now 5:43 PM, and still no package.  STILL NO PACKAGE!  This waiting thing is going to put me into an early grave.]

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  1. Please oh please keep writing! Your articles are wonderful!


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