May I Have Your Attention, Please!

I am in need of your help.

I need your addresses for Christmas cards.

I have some of them…most of them…but a few of you have moved in the past year, and because I am not really on-the-ball with this kind of thing, I do not have your new addresses.  And some of you, well, I have lost your addresses because I am, again, not on-the-ball.

So email me at the grinningellie@yahoo.comor at my personal email address (for those of you who know it) and make sure I have your address.  Or, if you are someone (like maybe a family member, hint, hint) who has a lot of addresses for various other family members/friends, send me all you’ve got.  And if you read my blog, and, you know, you just want a Christmas card from me, send me your address too.

Thank you!


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