Maybe I could avoid the dance next year by just waiting until the last minute.

Every December, my husband, B, and I follow a certain pattern.  We do a little dance; a back and forth that continues until one of us gives up and gives in.  (Okay, I say one of us, but it’s always me.)

We do our Christmas shopping early, usually sometime before Thanksgiving, and sit back, proudly congratulating ourselves for being all done.  But then a little niggling feeling, a small little voice, tells B that maybe we didn’t get enough.  Maybe, he thinks, we don’t have the one (or two) things the kids would really be wowed over.

“Let’s get them some more,” he says to me.

“No,” I say, “they have enough.”

“But maybe just this,” he argues.

“They don’t need that,” I say.  “They have plenty.”

“I really want to get them that,” he states.

“No more!” I declare.

But then I start to consider it, and after a while I’ll say, “Maybe…”

And therein lies our little dance.  We go back and forth for a while until I finally begin to see his point, and then I get caught up in the idea that they need this and also that and Good God! how could we have forgotten that!  What comes next is our routine.

We arrange for a babysitter for the kids (Hello Gran!)  We muscle our way into the fray.  We go to the busiest place to shop this time of year — a certain big box retailer that shall remain unnamed.  We get ourselves a shopping cart and proceed to fill it up, doubling the amount of money we had previously spent.

Then, once we retreat back to the safety of our home, we sit back and proudly congratulate ourselves for being — finally, irrevocably — all done.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Husband on 12/11/2007 at 1:43 pm

    I think they need just a couple more things.

    Then that’s it.

    Or is it?!?


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