Ornaments and trees.

Every Christmas we buy an ornament for the tree that has the year on it.  It’s a tradition in my family, one I hope will be around for a very long time.  In 50 years (God willing,) I hope to have a tree that is decorated soley with ornaments from every year.

Some years, whether due to our procrastination or unwillingness to spend a fortune on an ornament, we’ve written the year on the ornament ourselves.  But this year, while doing some Christmas shopping the weekend before Thanksgiving, we came across this ornament:


I’m so pleased.


An old friend left me a comment yesterday (HI!) about how difficult it is to try and find a blown bulb on a pre-lit tree.  And, golly, I didn’t even think about what kind of torture it would be if one bulb went out and then the whole tree was dark.  That right there is something I can do without, for sure.  I’m thinking I’ve heard of trees that have a special feature that keeps the other lights on if one is blown, but I’m also thinking that it may be an expensive thing.  And spending a ton of money is also something I can do without.  So maybe I’ll just stick with what I’ve got…for now.

(And Paul, my son saw your name and was like, “Aragorn?!  Mom, you know Aragorn?!”  And I had to tell him that he read your name wrong.  I also said I didn’t think you spent your time in Middle Earth fighting Orcs.  But if, by chance, you do, you would be my son’s hero.)


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