We’re ready.

Decorating our house for Christmas first entails a trip up into the attic to retrieve the 20 bazillion boxes of Christmas decorations. And since B and I are afraid of heights, we make our children go do it. (Oh, don’t worry, I’m kidding.) They did go first, but the girl got too scared and didn’t even make it all the way up the ladder.


And the boy, who finally did make it up the ladder, was very perplexed as to how he would manage to get the boxes down from there.


But with help from the official doers of all things, AKA me and B, we managed to get the boxes and boxes down from the attic, and then down our steep flight of steps to the living room. Then we struggled with the tree for a few minutes before finally getting it into a somewhat tree-like position.


The boy worked really hard to get the star on top of the tree, but alas, he was just a teensy bit too short.


Next came the lights, and the lights kicked our butts. The lights gave us such headaches — from kicking our butts? — that we had to break for lunch, and a small cool-down period, before we could continue. I walked around mumbling about getting a “damn pre-lit tree”* and B walked around just plain pissed off. But, after what felt like forever and a day, we managed to get the lights on the tree. And they managed to somehow look fairly decent.

Our living room, however, didn’t look very decent. It looked like a disaster area.


And the dog was very upset about us rearranging the furniture and putting a tree in there that was not for chewing(!). She was very determined to chew on that tree, believe me. I think, however, that she’s given up on that and just taken to sulking on the couch, mourning her old furniture arangement and her formerly non-treed living room.


And so now — Ta-Da! — we have a house that is ready for Christmas. And I just love it. There’s something very nice about sitting in the room with the lights lit up and the fireplace on. It’s cozy, warm, and very, very pleasant.

*Every year I say I’m going to get a pre-lit tree at the after Christmas sales. I like the look of our tree, but I really do hate stringing up the lights. But every year the need to buy a pre-lit one lessens by the time Christmas is over. I don’t know if it’s just amnesia about how hard the whole lighting the tree process is, or if it’s just a need to not spend any more money that keeps me from buying a new tree. Maybe it’s both.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Paul Aragon on 11/28/2007 at 10:12 pm

    E – Try finding a burned out light on a pre-lit christmas tree! Believe me, you are better off. Happy holidays from Northern Kentucky.


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