Am very thankful.

It’s a good thing I got a new camera in time to get wonderful Thanksgiving pictures. Well, it would have been a good thing, if I’d actually taken any pictures. Gah!

Never fear, I managed to get a couple. Here’s The Boy helping me cook. He loves to cook, yet he doesn’t eat a thing he makes. I figure one day he’ll decide to try something, and who knows, maybe he’ll actually like it.


While he cooked, The Girl spent her time laying around, torturing the dog.


And I did get a picture of me, but once I uploaded the pictures, I noticed that the combination of a camera flash and bright sunlight rendered my shirt see-through. So I’ll spare you that sight.

But come back tomorrow, when I’ll have some pictures of the day after Thanksgiving, when we put up our Christmas tree because DID YOU KNOW THAT CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY?!


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