I’m titling this Chevy Uplander so people can search and find this entry.

Today is a vacation day for the kids and I.  The kids are off of school, and, I swear, the school system is slowly making every holiday and quasi-holiday into a week’s vacation.  I mean, they had Halloween off, for goodness sakes.  Mark my words, next year they’ll have the day before the day before Thanksgiving off.  I am off of work because the mother of the kids I babysit is hosting Thanksgiving at her house this year and she wanted the extra day off.  Which is A-OK with me, because it gives me the day off.

My daughter has been skipping around the house, singing, “Yay!  It’s the day before Thanksgiving!”  And I had to burst her bubble and tell her it wasn’t actually a holiday.  Just a Wednesday.  So put down that party dress, miss, and go get your jeans on.  WE’VE GOT WORK TO DO.

And we do have work to do.  We have to go to the Chevy dealership and get yet another new set of tires put on the van.  You see, there is something wrong with our van.  Don’t ask me what it is, but it ruins a set of tires every year.  It’s something with the suspension, or something.  I really don’t know.  But if you are in the market for a mini-van, I highly recommend you go look at a Honda.  Or a Toyota.  Go look at anything besides a Chevy Uplander.  The van looks nice, and feels nice, but it’s all a trick.  It’s a piece of crap, just waiting for you to get it home before it goes all to hell.  And get this, the dealership is putting new tires on it, but they have no idea what it is that is making it do that.  One guy even said, maybe it’s the tires.  But if it’s the tires, it was certainly not those particulartires, because it’s happened again.  And if it’s that whole line of tires, then other people would be having the same problem.  Nah, other people with CHEVY UPLANDERS are having the same problem.  So that tells me it the damn van.  Ugh, I’m so frustrated with it. 

And we’ve also got a trip to the grocery store planned.  I thought I was being really good about getting everything for Thanksgiving before today, but we’ve run out of other things, like dishwasher detergent.  So I have to go to the store anyway.

So happy day before Thanksgiving.  Maybe you’ll get a chance to put your party dress on.


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