Santa wears brown.

The UPS man came today, and with him he brought the best thing in the world.  (Okay, so maybe not THE BEST THING, but something pretty darn close.)  He brought me a new laptop.


And evidently, it makes me want to GO ALL CAPS ON YOU GUYS because it’s a LAPTOP.  FOR ME.

(I feel like I have to say it was on sale, so, you know, no one starts to do any math in their heads about how much money we’ve spend just this past weekend alone.)

 (Don’t do the math.  It is painful.) 

After a particularly hard day, I was on the phone to my husband telling him that we had to go to the store and buy my daughter some black pants which she neglected to tell us she needed for the next day’s Thanksgiving program.  He said we could go, but he was going to make a stop somewhere first.  Then he broke down and told me he was going to go buy me a laptop, and asked if I would like to go with him.  And I got all excited and squeaky and said reallyReally really?  And he took me to the store (after we procured a pair of back pants, of course) and showed me the amazing laptop that he was going to buy me.  They didn’t have it in stock, so we ordered it off of their website.  And it arrived today!  All black and shiny and smooth.  And I may have kissed it a few times, just to really show my appreciation.

However, now I’ve been informed that I cannot buy anything else.  It seems that I have reached my limit.  So I guess I won’t be buying that HDTV – the 42″ one that looked so awesome in the store.  Oh well, there’s always next Christmas.

Or maybe my birthday…


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  1. Posted by Dad on 11/21/2007 at 8:01 am

    easy does it.


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