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Okay everybody, let’s all take a deep breath and stop for just a moment.

Now, let me say that yesterday’s post was me being just a teensy tiny bit over-dramatic.  So those of you who were all but you have to do it for you son, please don’t be so resentful because he is your SON can just calm back down, untwist your knickers, and know that I sometimes exaggerate a little.  (Or a lot.)  Okay?  I do a lot of things that make me stomp and grumble, but I never make people feel bad for things they cannot control.  Like, for instance, allergies.  And I never, ever, ever make my son feel like he is burdening me with anything.  That is why I have this here blog.  I can complain and get it out of my system.  Or at least know that I am not alone!  (This is where I say a big THANK YOU to my cousins, who understood exactly what I meant and were supportive.)  Now let’s change the subject.


I bought some Kerrygold Dubliner cheese at BJ’s today, and let me tell you, that stuff is yummy.  I had a lunch consisting of cheese, hummus, and flat bread and it was oh so good.  I highly recommend it to those of you who like cheese.  Like me.


I found this Method handsoap at Target today, and I love it.  (And I paid less than that for it.)  First of all, it’s a whole heck of a lot better looking than the regular bottle of Softsoap I had sitting on the sink, and it’s also not as drying.  Which is good, because with all these sicknesses floating around my house, I’ve been washing my hands approximately every 15 minutes or so.  The skin on my hands would sting after washing them, and I couldn’t stand it.  So while in Target I looked for something moisturizing and not so obtrusive.  This is nice.  Plus, it smells nice, but the smell does not linger on your hands throughout the day.  So you’re not constantly smelling Black Raspberry and Vanilla (or whatever) whenever your hands are anywhere near your nose.  And that’s a big plus.


I started using Olay’s Anti-Aging Anti-Blemish moisturizer last week, and while it’s a little early to say it’s a miracle cream, I am thinking it could be a miracle cream.  My skin, it is getting older, yet it still thinks it needs to break out on a regular basis.  But once I started using this, I noticed that the bumps under my skin along my jawline have lessened.  And I swear my skin just looks better.  But I’m reserving full judgement until it has taken me through a complete monthly hormone cycle.  Because that is the true test for any facial product.  Oh, but it leaves my face a little extra oily during the day–good god, I don’t need that!–so I only use it at night.  I still need to find the perfect thing for daytime.  Any suggestions?


And I’d like to recommend a digital camera, but I haven’t bought one yet.  The one I have has just been dropped one too many times, methinks.  Sometimes it gives us good pictures, and sometimes it laughs at us.  I’m looking for something good, but not too pricey.  Something that’ll fit in my purse and has a little bit of a zoom.  Is there one you’d recommend?  My current one is a Kodak Easyshare and I thought maybe I should get the same kind again.  But then I looked at a couple of Sonys and a Canon Powershot, and now I’m not sure anymore.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kari on 11/15/2007 at 8:28 pm

    My husband’s work camera is an Olympus, & it takes really good pics. In fact, we use it all the time for our own use & we already have a digital camera!! I don’t think it was that expensive either. The software that came with it for the computer is real easy to use too.


  2. Posted by e on 11/15/2007 at 9:58 pm

    Hmmm, have to check the Olympus cameras out!


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