Oh y’all, I’m feeling…shall we say…bitchy.  It has nothing to do with the kids, because they really are behaving well.  And the boy is coming along quite nicely, seeing as how he was just diagnosed with pneumonia last week.  No, my mood has more to do with me feeling sick-ish and tired-ish and more likely to bite your head off than hold a polite conversation with you.  Also, I am trying my hardest to be nice, which takes a lot out of me, as you can well imagine.

So there will be no long post today.  I just wanted those of you who are curious about the boy’s health (Hi Dad!) to know that he’s doing better.  He’ll be returning to school tomorrow.  Although he still has a bad cough and gets worn out quicker than usual, he’s recovering.  And the girl has a cold, but so far nothing serious.  And me, well, I guess I’m okay.  Just a little…well, you know.  If it’s something that can be cured with a lot of  junk food and several cups of coffee, than not to worry, I should be better very soon now. 


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  1. Posted by Dad on 11/12/2007 at 12:36 pm

    Sounds like things are just about normal around there. Just the normal madness. We all get the ‘blues’ every now and again. Just remember, shouldn’t last long.


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