E is a genius, Part II

I just took the dog for a walk.  She loves to walk, that dog, and so does the 2 year old I babysit.  The two of them tear down the walking paths like they’ve been imprisoned for years and are just now realizing how wonderful it is to be outside running.  It’s freedom.

But here’s the part where my genius-osity takes over.  The dog got loose from me–just yanked away to go see the jack russell that runs back and forth along his fence–and as soon as I felt the plastic handle of her retractable leash leave my right hand, I reached down with my left hand to try and grasp the leash.  Now, anyone who’s ever had any experience with these kinds of leashes knows that those suckers, when combined with a very strong dog pulling at a high rate of speed and your tender skin, will burn your skin right off.  Which is what it did. 

 The skin at the bottom of my finger, right where it meets my hand and sort of in between my first finger and my middle one, is all blistery and painful.  Very, very painful.  It hurts so bad that I’m considering just going ahead and chopping the finger off.  Maybe that would stop the frickin’ burning because, oh my god, it burns.

Makes the candy tummy ache seem so much less uncomfortable.

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