Couch-potato wishes.

Did you know that there are not enough hours in the day?  I mean, really, did you know?  Because while it seemed like I was busy before, it now really seems like I do not have enough time.

You see, I have a few hours every Monday and Wednesday that are mine, and mine alone.  The children I babysit are enrolled in a morning preschool on those days, and I am free to do anything I want between 9:15 and 11:45.  Except, “anything I want” ends up being grocery shopping, getting gas in the car, going to the library, walking the dog and cleaning the house.  Oh, and don’t forget prepping food and activities for the children for when they come back to the house.  Hmmph.

I had grand plans for those hours.  I was going to go to the gym.  I was going to spend my time browsing book stores while sipping a latte.  I was going to take a nap or maybe a leisurely bath.  I was going to sit on the couch and watch trashy television.  I was going to do anything but all the things I am doing now. 

So I would like a few more hours, please.  Just a few, and just for a couple of days a week.  That way I can get things accomplished, and also be the lazy, lazy slob I feel like I am meant to be.  If you’ll get right on that, I’d appreciate it.  Thanks.

Oh and before I hear any grumbling about how at least I have the time to do that versus sitting in the office all day and then commuting for an hour and then going to do all your errands, know that I feel very lucky.  I like what I do and the fact that I’m at home when I work.  And, man, if that’s how your day is spent, that really sucks.


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