To him, donate means throw away.

While doing my daily read-through of blogs, I came across this post over at Suburban Bliss that reminded me of my husband and I.

Every time we move, I have truckloads of things to donate and throw away.  Things that we don’t use anymore, things that we have more than one of, and things that are broken or missing pieces.  (I don’t exactly know how we can accumulate such things, but we seem to be able do it at an alarming rate.  I think we leave the house and the Junk Fairy comes and leaves more junk in our closets.  And sometimes on our kitchen counters.)  But whenever we (meaning I, really) start the process of going through things to see what needs to go, my husband has a heart attack or two.  He hates getting rid of things.  It expecially hurts him if the something in question is “still good.”

Recently, for example, we bought ourselves a new kitchen table.  We didn’t need a new table, but were tired of living like college kids with our castoffs.  Once we knew that new table was going to be deliverd in a couple of days, we had to solve the problem of what to do with the old table.  I was all for donating it.  “Why,” I asked, “should we keep it when we have no place to store it, and no need for more than one table in the kitchen?”  “But it’s still good!” he pleaded.  “We should keep it.”

And it went back and forth like this for a while.  And we were about to bring the table to his mother’s house for safe keeping because it was “still good” when we found out his aunt needed a new table for her art classroom.  So, voila, the table now has a new home, and we know that’s it’s safe and sound, and useful to small children.

But we still have a lamp that he’s had forever.  We’ve kept it through four moves now.  It still sort-of works, and is missing a shade.  And it is collecting dust in a far corner of our closet.  However, he won’t let me get rid of it because it’s his and it’s “still good.”


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Husband on 09/11/2007 at 11:05 pm

    Don’t f@ck with my lamp, it’s one of only two things I have left. The other is the green ottoman, and it’s mine!

    You have donated everything else.


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