Random Friday

I took the summer off of work (without knowing whether or not I would have the same job when summer was over) so I could help my son get ahead with his reading.  And also teach him to tie his shoes.  Well, this school year, he is amongst the top 6 readers in his class, reading chapter books for homework, while the remaining children are reading picture books.  And while I do think that my time off helped him, I do not think I can really take any credit for where he’s at, reading-wise.  It’s all him.  He worked through the frustration. He kept going even when he wanted to give up.  He’s amazing.  (Even if he still can’t tie his shoes.)


They say that the more worked up children get, the calmer you need to be when dealing with them.  Well, this week, I should be right up there with Gandhi as far as calmness goes.  And while I am having a few hard times here and there with one of the children I babysit, overall, it hasn’t gone badly.  It only seems to be bad moments, versus what were once bad days.


I put the dog outside, went to put some clothes in the wash, and then found her sitting up in a chair on the patio.  She was sitting and watching the cars go by, lounging in the sun.  And while I did think it was cute, a part of me wonders who my dog thinks she is.  What, is she too good to lounge on the ground?  How spoiled is she, that she thinks she should be up in a chair?  And another part of me wonders if maybe I should buy cushions for the patio chairs so she can be more comfortable.


My daughter was telling me the other day how small the new Kindergarteners looked.  She was amazed at how little and young they were.  Because, you know, now that she’s in first grade, she’s practically full grown.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dad on 09/07/2007 at 11:50 am

    Hey, I like the new layout.

    Remember how small your kids looked not all that long ago?


  2. Posted by sara on 09/07/2007 at 5:12 pm

    i like the new layout as well!!! very nice!!!


  3. Posted by Tia on 09/07/2007 at 9:47 pm

    Congrats to the boy!! And ya know there’s nothing wrong with velcro!


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