Take that, Boris and Natasha.

Last week we had a security system installed.  We didn’t have it installed because we felt unsafe here in our house, or even here in our neighborhood.  We didn’t have it installed because we thought our house would be target for thieves or other ne’er-do-wells.  We had it installed for a couple of other reasons, reasons which are way more important to me.

Reason the first is because my daughter was lying in bed crying one night because she was afraid that bad guys would come into the house.  Never mind that we had a dog who would bark (maybe) and a mommy and daddy right next door to her bedroom, she could not be convinced that she would be safe if she went to sleep.  I do not know what brought on her sudden fear, but I do know that it was a very real fear, not just a ploy to keep from having to go to bed.  (Not like that time she kept insisting she was scared to sleep at night, and that she had to read books to keep her from being scared.  No, that time was all about staying up late and not going to bed.) 

I once knew her kind of fear.  I remember lying in bed at night with my covers tucked just so, trying to tell myself that if I laid still and kept the covers tucked under my chin, then Boris and Natasha would not be able to get my stuffed animals, which I had stuffed underneath my covers.  Because of course Boris and Natasha (from Rocky and Bullwinkle) would want to steal my stuffed animals.  And all that kept them from committing their horrible deed was the covers, not the locks on the doors or my father asleep in the house.  Nope, they could bypass it all, and I was too worried to sleep.  So I kind of know what she’s dealing with.  It’s a fear that seems irrational now, but very rational when you’re six.

Reason the second is because we now have a dog.  We lock that dog in a kennel when we go out of the house.  And if something were to perhaps catch on fire, we now have a smoke detector that will alert the security company, and they can then have the fire department at our house to rescue the dog, even if we’re not here to call 911.  (Also, it would be nice that if the house did catch on fire when we were out, we could return to a not-burnt-down house that was saved in the nick of time, instead of a smouldering pile of rubble.  So really, that’s two reasons in one.)

It was after the late night we spent consoling our daughter that my husband said something about getting a security system.  He mentioned it in passing, and I briefly thought about it, and then let it slip my mind.  Then, by what I like to think of as more than chance, a security company called here the next night to let us know that we had won free equipment and installation in a contest that we had entered for a riding lawn mower.  (Still want the lawn mower, by the way.  Kind of wish we had won that.)  All we would have to pay for would be the monthly monitoring.  Come put it in, we said.  Your call came at a wonderful time.  It’s exactly what we were thinking about getting.

And our daughter now feels very safe at night.  For that, I can pay $30 a month. 


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